Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Great Sit N Spin Incident of 2010

We bought the girls a Sit n Spin for Christmas. It's hard to believe we didn't have one until now. I'm beginning to think my life expectancy has taken a hit thanks to the stress that this little F'er is causing me... Why? Because my wacked out completely normal children apparently think it would be better suited as a Stand N Spin. Do I even have to explain how this ends? Every. Single. Time?

"Ashley" feeling brave, got one foot on and the other foot almost on when it did what any good Sit N Spin is supposed to do, it spun. It went forward, she went backwards, her butt hit the handle/post part and the force of that hit threw her forward onto her face, sliding across the rug, we are awaiting confirmation of carpet burn.

Did she cry? Nope. She got right back up, looked at the foul toy with a "what the hell?" and went for it again. Her determination is almost admirable, if it weren't costing me a portion of my sanity, I think I would appreciate it.

What is wrong with my children?


Anonymous said...

Our Sit N Spin was never used this way! WTH?! Why am I getting ripped off from all these sanity taking, gray hair inducing parenting moments?!

Oh. Wait. Never mind. I'm sure I'll have all of them plus some when our son is born.


Anonymous said...

We have a Sit N Spin and I keep saying to my husband that when we were little they made them different. I just don't remember them being them so "goofy" looking. I think that is why kids are tempted to find different ways to play with them- today!

Anonymous said...

We were laughing soooo hard that the words were blurry. *Note to self* Hide Sit and Spin when "F" arrives to babysit.
Much love,
Aunt J