Sunday, February 21, 2010

Breaking Up is... Not really all that Hard.

I've decided to quit the gym. I love Gold's, they have been good to me. They are clean, have a movie room, great spin classes, close to where I live and for the most part a clean nursery for the kids. No nursery will ever meet my standards, so as far as nurseries goes, this one was about as good as it's going to get.

My Problem? My children. I thought having the Munchkin in school 3 days a week would be great, drop her off and hit the gym, but as we know there are always things going on that get in the way of that perfect plan. So on the days that I do manage to work out the time and get there for a class, or some much needed time on the treadmill, guess who gets pissed off in the nursery? The twins hate it there, with or without the Munchkin, they hate it. I get called out of class or paged over the intercom, it's a lot of getting ready to workout to only get in 20 minutes worth of actual working out.

It was paining me to see that $70 come out of my account each month, so I've decided no more. I called last week to find out what hoops I was going to have to jump through, left a message and fully expected to make several more calls before getting my request to quit filled. To my surprise, they called back the next morning, told me I had fulfilled my contract and then some, said I needed to send a letter and my last draft would be March 1st. Done and Done. They were sorry to see me go and yada yada...

I was shocked that I didn't even have to threaten legal action, sadly that has been my experience with all other gym memberships. It's kind of like buying a car, you just know you're gonna get screwed, but you do it anyway. It's just really nice to walk away having had a good experience and knowing that when the time comes to re-join a gym, they will be the first one I call.

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Anonymous said...

My first ever gym experience was with Gold's and I was in lust at first workout. I've never used the daycare. I'm a lot like you and no daycare ever meets my standards.

When I found out I was pregnant, my doctor advised me to NOT go to the gym. I didn't know if Gold's would let me put my membership on hold since my contract was only 7 months old. But, they did. They placed it in a hold status and said when I was cleared to come back, things would pick back up where I left off.

Love Gold's. Sorry you had to break up with them.