Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Thing

My New Thing for this week is a fashion trend I've been refusing to embrace. Leggings. I'm not sure If I thought I was too old, not the right shape, or afraid of going against something that both Tim Gunn and Stacy London frown upon. I already have enough fashion "don'ts" in my closet to land me on a seasons worth of What Not To Wear....

At the encouragement of my friends I finally caved and bought a pair in black, and what can I say except that I absolutely LOVE. THEM. I have probably worn them 4 times in the past week. They are actually very practical for a Mom of 3, who knew? A long sweater, leggings and boots are almost (almost) as comfortable as my yoga pants!

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Kell said...

Welcome... you have arrived!

I wear leggings everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean; I'm currently sitting at my work desk loving the fact that no one can tell I'm wearing bright 1970's style leggings under my work trousers. Hitch them a little higher than the ankle and no one knows. It's our dirty little secret so shhhh!

Anonymous said...

You go with your bad self!

I'm scared, but maybe I could give them a try. Long sweaters, right? As long as the butt is covered, I should be fine. Actually, I think I'd prefer ankle-length sweaters. :)