Tuesday, January 05, 2010

52 New Things!

BirminghamMommy.com is teaming up with Birmingham Bargain Mom to blog about what we are doing new in this new year..

With the movie Julie and Julia as our inspiration,
we thought it would be fun to make ourselves try something new each week for the entire year.

It doesn't always have to be something big. It can be a book, a recipe, lipstick or hair color. The options for trying new things are truly endless.

Each Tuesday we will take to our blogs/Facebook/Twitter and tell what we have done that week, what we liked or didn't like about it and if we would do it again or recommend it to others.

Do you blog, twitter or facebook? Join in. We would love to have you participate and see what everyone is doing. Grab that cool picture up there, add it to your blog and find something new to do this week.

If you are on twitter – be sure to link your post there and use: #52newthings

You can find Birmingham Bargain Mom on Twitter @BhamBargainMom and you can find us there @BirminghamMommy

Also – if you keep up with things on Facebook – you can find Birmingham Bargain Mom and BirminghamMommy there too!

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