Monday, November 15, 2010

You're the Best Mom in the Whole........ Town?

While snuggling on the sofa with the Munchkin this weekend she proceeded to tell me how I'm the "Best Mom in the whole town." While that may not seem like a lot it's actually an upgrade from "Best Mom I've ever had," I think.

The rest of the conversation went like this...

Me: The best Mom in the whole town?

Munchkin: Yes, the whole town, that's good

Me: Well what about about the whole world?

Munchkin: Well I haven't been around the whole world, but I've been around the whole town....

Me: Thanks?

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Heart

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear McDonalds, You Evil Empire

To Whom it May Concern,

While I don't rank you as high as Wal Mart in my places to loathe list, you're closing in pretty quickly.

You see, I recently gave up eating meat, which means that my children aren't afforded the gracious opportunity to chow down on your odd shaped chicken nuggets and weird meat burgers very often. But because of your evil ways and connections to Disney you continue to be the source for many a meltdown in my household.

With the new movie "Mega Mind" coming out, I'm sure you know that your Happy Meals are being coveted by children all over the United States, including mine.

So in a moment of weakness last week, I caved and my experience has brought on a level of hatred I never new I had. Let me explain.

After what felt likes years of begging for a "Happy Meal with a Mega Mind toy," I surprised my girls with a trip through the drive thru. While waiting in your incredibly long line (yes both lanes were open to insure speedy service) my children had the great pleasure of staring at all of the Mega Mind advertising you have up on your windows and display boards. They saw the ad and knew they were finally going to get their grimey little hands on that toy. I ordered 3! Yes 3, of your nasty ass McNugget happy meals, (can't give to one without giving to all...) we waited, there was more screaming from the backseat and finally about 15 minutes later we finally get our 3 boxes, heavily decorated with more Mega Mind ads. We got home and opened them up to find, cold food, and some lame-o cat toy that has absolutely nothing to do with Mega Mind.

You put me in quite a pickle there McDonalds. Quite the pickle.

So after scraping my children off of the floor from their meltdowns (did I mention the lines were so long it cut into naptime?) I explained that the people there made a mistake (or did they?) and we would try again for these worthless toys one day soon.

So today, I tried a different McDonalds, the line was faster, the food was better and we actually got 3 Mega Mind toys.... too bad only 2 of them work. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

The Incoherent Rambler/hater if all things Evil Empire-ish

Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween Decorations

They are still up.

That is all.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Holy Inappropriateness Bat Blog.....

It's been well over a month since I've posted here on the old blog... I blinked and it's November, how did that happen..

A quick recap -

I've been busy, really really busy with our little blog that could. has taken off and takes up pretty much any bit of free time I had. I'm not complaining. I like it, it's fun and doing it makes me happy.

We took a trip to Vegas -- It was our first trip as a couple without our kids since the Munchkin was 9 months old (she's 5 now) We went with the "Random Family." We did all of the things you're supposed to do in Vegas. Drink, Drank Drunk. We ate some incredible Sushi at Nobu. We gambled, we hung out with Charles Barkley and watched Auburn from the VIP room in the sports book. There was a pro football player there too, used to play for the Jaguars but I can't remember his name. We had an incredible, incredible time.

My Munchkin turned 5 back at the beginning of October. She continues to be as sweet as ever. Some new little girls just started at her school, in her class. They are twins and moved here from across the country. She has made them her best friends, showing them how the school days go and has even offered to let them live with us until their house is ready.

The twins are crazy. They love each other like sisters when they are fighting like sisters. They are officially out of their cribs and are currently sleeping on cushions on the floor because the husband and I can't agree on what types of beds to buy. Just when we are about to order, we second guess ourselves or realize they won't fit... They think the current set up is a playground.

Halloween has come and gone. My decorations are still up.

What's been up with you?

Monday, September 27, 2010

The World I Want for My Daughters

I agreed to participate in this Blog Carnival in an effort to support The Joyful Heart Foundation. When I first heard about it, I happily jumped at the chance to help. I was thinking it wouldn't be too difficult. I was wrong. I didn't want to wait to the last minute and throw something together so I started early, kind of writing it in my head, but after thinking about this for almost a week now, I have to say, it's harder than I thought it would be.

I wanted to be more profound than "World Peace" and "The End of Racism" but all I can come up with is this:

The world I want for my girls, is a world that I didn't screw up before handing it over to the next generation.

Every vote that I cast, every purchase I make, every can or box I recycle or forget to recycle is making an impact for the world I will leave behind. The world they will grow up in, raise their children in and grow old in.

I want them to find more acceptance, more open mindedness and love along the way. I want to raise them to be aware of these issues and if in that world they can't find these things, I want them to fight to make a change.

I want a world where women are strong, and where our men aren't giving their lives in useless, drawn out wars.

I want a world where the sick can get better, where abused and neglected children can find love. Where all couples can marry, and have or adopt children regardless of their race, or sexual orientation.

I want a world that will be ready for the strong, independent, caring, loving and accepting children I plan to raise.

About this blog carnival: “The world I want for my children” is an effort to support The Joyful Heart Foundation, which was founded by Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay to help victims of sexual assault mend their minds, bodies and spirits and reclaim their lives. Today, the foundation is at the forefront of an effort to end a disheartening backlog of tens of thousands of rape kits in labs across the country, a backlog that contributes to a rapist’s 80 percent chance of getting away with his crime. The backlog and its detrimental effects will be the topic of an SVU episode on September 29th.

Please help us raise awareness for this important work. What kind of world do you want for your children? Write your post and link up here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Experiment. Day...... Who the Hell Knows I've Been Watching TV Since Wednesday

So this was a failed experiment. I like to think it's because I picked a really bad week to do this. Sick kids (all 3.) The Munchkin home 2 days from school for said sickness. A huge event that required a massive amount of my time. Me ending up sick by the time the event was over.

All in all, I didn't really watch a ton of tv until Friday. It wasn't because of the conviction I felt for the the experiment, I simply didn't have enough time this week to watch, but on Friday while I was laying on the sofa sick, I lapped it up like it was water from the fountain of youth.

When I pulled up my DVR it was 82% full and I couldn't have been happier.

I guess I do walk away from this failed experiment having learned a little something.

1. I still love tv
2. I need tv for my sanity
3. There are many times in the day when the tv is on for no reason, and I will change that.
4. My children will be having less tv time and it will be more selective.

While this was kind of a fail, walking away making some adjustments makes it somewhat useful... Me thinks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My New Things - Week 36

I tried another new vegetarian recipe and it was a FAIL. I wanted spaghetti with meat sauce so instead of using hamburger meat, I used some type of soy/protein crumbles. While it looked like regular hamburger and didn’t actually taste bad the texture was just off. Almost mushy. I have texture issues and just couldn’t get past this one. I think I’ll be having my sauce sans meat from here on out.

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The Experiment Day 2

2 words.

Epic. Fail.

Munchkin had a rough night not feeling well, no one slept because she couldn't breathe through her nose and felt the need for us to be aware of this every 5 seconds. I kept her home from school and my Mom was here to keep the twins. I couldn't possibly leave her here with 3 cranky/sleepy/sick kids and no tv... By 8:45am The Dinosaur Train was rolling on through the house.

After naps the TV stayed off until after the kids bed time and the husband turned it on the bedroom and fell asleep before I did, leaving me getting sucked into back to back episodes of a show I've never see before but am now addicted to. I think it was called "Swords." Very similar to Deadliest Catch.

So all in all, I watched tv and became addicted to a new show... I think I'm going backwards.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Experiment - Day One

Hmmm, what can I say to describe this void in our daily life so far?

  • The screaming children are so much louder and more persistent without the television to distract them or drown them out.
  • I thought I would have all the time in the work to do laundry and clean the house, only with screaming children that can't entertain themselves, it's damn near impossible to even take a shit alone (which is a rarity in itself) but can sometimes be done with the assistance of Wonder Pets.
  • I am a better Mom when we have the TV in our life. This is not a joke.
  • I have nothing to help tune out the snoring husband.

I'm realizing that as much as I love TV and have self diagnosed myself as an addict, I'm just as much a dealer, looking to shoot my children up with the purist form of Blue's Clue's or Sesame Street that I can score. I love my children and as much as I love to sit and read and tell stories and teach colors, I do have shit to do during the day and at this rate nothing is going to get done.

  • This experiment is not for the weak.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The No TV For One Week Experiment

This could also be labeled the "I've lost my damn mind experiment" but let's not split hairs..

We (My Husband, Myself and my sister and Brother In law) had a conversation last weekend about how much TV we watch, individually and as a family unit. They don't have kids, we do. We weren't really comparing so much as just generally discussing how much time we waste in front of the tube.

My husband lovingly pointed out that I watch a shit-ton of television. He's right. I didn't argue then and I won't argue it now. I LURVE television. It calls to me... I love getting sucked into ridiculous reality t.v., stupid sitcoms and even bad dramas.

I won't discriminate when it comes to my tv addiction. I'll show you what I mean.

Cupcake Wars? You betcha! The Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Top Chef, Hells Kitchen, The Great Food Truck Race? All in my DVR.

The Gates, Vampire Diaries, True Blood? Got it covered.

Days of our Lives? Yep (its the only soap opera I watch.)

Entourage, Weeds, Dexter, The C Word? Watch it , record it, or catch it On-Demand.

Project Runway, Flipping out, Thintervention, and the Real Housewives, ATL, NJ, DC, NY, and Orange County? Sadly, yes.

Greys, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives? Done done and done.....

30 Rock? Won't miss it

Saturday Night Live? A great little slice of comedy heaven to end the week.

I really could go on and on, but there just really isn't enough bloggy space out there for me to cover the depths of my television addiction. For you see, all of the shows mentioned above are most (yes there are more) of what I watch on a regular basis. That does not include the mindless hours I spend flipping through channels and landing on marathons of Hoarders, LA Ink, Jersey Shore (Shoot me, but yes) The Duggars, and the miserable train wreck that is Kate plus 8.

I. Love. Television.

I. Have. A. Problem.

Therefore I have decided to take it out of my life for 1 week. Not a full week mind you, it's football season and come Saturday morning, I will be watching Gameday and every game I can possibly manage to suck up in these precious 12 or so weeks of college football.

Starting tomorrow, well tonight I guess. The television goes off and will not come back on until Gameday on Saturday.

Holy Hell, my kids are going to hate me.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wordless Wednesday! Tis' the Season

War Damn Eagle!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My New Thing - Week 35

I volunteered to be Room Mom. This is a task that I have always shied away from, it’s something I wanted to do but didn’t want to over commit and fail my child (and the teachers and other mothers.) When the Munchkin started pre-school the twins were new, only about 5 months old so I had put in my mind that I would do my time as Room Mom once all the kids were in school and I had more time to devote to those little extras. This year there was a need and I agreed. I’ve been assured that it’s mostly just reminding the other Moms via email (which I can rock) who brings goldfish and who drives on the field trips. I can’t speak yet to whether or not I would do it again as I haven’t really done anything yet.

If you have any tips, throw them my way!!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

And Then There Were Two!

The Munchkin started school today. This is the first year where she will be going 5 days a week, still not Kindergarten, it's pre-school and half days, but it's everyday.

She's ecstatic, I think getting up and having everyone ready and out of the house on time 5 days a week is going to suck. The school is 5 minutes from the house. It takes longer than that to load the twinlets into the car. I hate mornings.

** Go ahead and submit this post to this site

Anyway. Not that I'm glad to have the Munchkin gone but my day was so much easier. I learned that I can actually manage the twins. In Target. Without a tranquilizer gun. We ran errands all day and they were angels. I almost wondered what happened to my children.

They listened, they cooperated and they didn't screech. I think this time alone with them is going to be so beneficial. Plus it's so sweet to see them excited to go get Munchkin from school.

It's going to be a good year!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

But Wait! There's More - Act Now!

I've done a really poor job lately documenting all of the funny things my kids are saying these days. The twins are starting to talk more so I should have more than enough fodder to keep this blog going for years.

But this morning it was the Munchkin that made me belly laugh. She was up, eating cereal and watching cartoons, which means running a wish list in her head of every shiny thing she sees on the commercials.

Every morning she likes to help the husband put his belt on before he leaves the house for work. Today she was carefully threading the the belt through the loops and then asked us if she could have "xyz toy" we didn't really understand what it was she was asking for and we replied with our standard answer, "maybe for your birthday" then she looked up and said....

"But it comes with everything you see here......"

We laughed. We still aren't sure what exactly it was that she wanted but regardless, that shiz was funny.

This post is brought to you by Sham-Wow, it can be yours with 2 easy payments of just $9.99, but wait! There's more... Act now and you'll receive this mini sham wow........

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My New Thing - Week 33

This week I got crafty… I was talking to a friend and fellow Auburn fan about the season and mentioned how I needed to make a trip to buy the girls their gameday outfits for this season. She told me about the tutu that she had made her girls and showed me the picture… I was sold. I went to the store bought the tulle and made my girls their skirts.

It’s a super easy, no sew method. I took one of my elastic head bands to use for the waist, measured the length from waist to about knee (double it) tie it in double knots (or slips knots) alternating colors. I’ve seen these done and knew friends that had done them, I just never thought to use team colors.. Super cute gameday outfits!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Dog Daze Are Over...

Our across the street neighbor is a school teacher. Meaning she is no longer home during the day. You're probably thinking, So?

Well, all summer, during the day one or all of my girls could be found standing at the storm door staring across the street at the neighbors dog, who was standing at their storm door staring back. It was adorable. Now they go and look, and the puppy is not there. Only a green front door.

They ask, they point, they don't understand that summer is coming to an end....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My New Thing(s) Week 31 (and 32)

Because I'm such a slacker you get a bonus post, a 2-fer if you will!

Week 31 is/was as follows...

Let me start by saying that we were at the beach last week and I put zero effort into anything that didn’t require soaking up the sun and lounging by the pool. I was going to mention the new gum that I tried while I was there but realized it was given to me by a freind and I had no idea of the details – so I have to go with some new fudge. It was called Caramel Nut Roll (I think) and it was divine, I made 2 separate trips to the candy store in Seaside to purchase these little morsels of heaven. *sigh*

Week 32....

Since I’m still eating no meat, I’ve started exploring the world of vegetarian recipes. This week I tried Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers – While they were hearty and filling the flavor was lacking. I will definitely try this or a similar recipe again in the future, it will just need a little kick. I loved the ingredients, and the fact that they cooked in the crockpot, just needed more flavor. If you have one to share, please pass it along!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vegetarian Inc.

It's been about 6 weeks or so since I've had meat (not counting seafood.) As I mentioned in one of my recent New Things, Husband and I watched Food Inc and have not been the same since.

I never started out with a mission of not ever eating meat again.. I figured that after watching that documentary the horrible images would fade (they still might) and I would be cruising through the drive thrus and stuffing my face with Five Guys burgers within a week or so, only those images haven't faded, the statistics are in my head and I actually enjoy eating this healthier lifestyle. What does this mean?

Well, while I was running this morning it hit me that I'm probably running way deficient on my protein intake, I'm sluggish and just feel like I need more protein (hard to explain) so I decided that with my strong craving for some Zaxby's, today was the day I consume meat (other than fish) for the first time in weeks... I could almost taste the Kickn' Chicken sandwich, only when I went to order it, I couldn't do it. I ordered a salad instead.

Part of my decision was the guilt for ruining what I've been working so hard to do - lose weight and eat healthy. (organically and locally)

The other part was the thought of eating those buffalo sauce soaked hunks of chicken. I thought maybe smaller chunks on a salad would be more manageable.

We got home and I promptly removed all of the chicken from my salad. I absolutely could not stop thinking about those chickens that are so over grown that their little bones and muscles can't support their weight - I couldn't stop thinking about them falling over and laying around in their own shit because they are engineered to grow 3 times faster than normal.

I can't bring myself to eat meat, I just can't do it. I'm not sure if I will again, the information is everywhere you turn. And to kick it up a notch, I just saw a horrifying trailer for a new Documentary by Joaquin Phoenix. It's called Earthlings. I won't be able to see this movie, I can hardly watch the trailer. But if you do click that link, be warned. To say it's harsh does not even describe it... I think it may have been the nail in my meat eating coffin.

Hi, I'm Angie and I think I'm a vegetarian......

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming.....

We left the Y with 6 swim lessons under our belt. Our lessons ended only days before we packed up and headed to the beach. I knew there would be practicing, I knew there would be Floatie - less time with her while we were on vacation but I never expected this! I'm so excited and had a great time this week watching her figure it out and become basically a fish in the water.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

My New Thing - Week 30

I may have done this already as a new thing, but I tried another new chapstick ( I have a slight addiction to chapstick) It’s Chapstick Botanical Medley and I love it. It doesn’t have too much fake flavor and it’s very smooth. If you share my addiction to all things lip balm, pick one up!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My New Thing - Week 29

I’ve been wearing my hair “not straight.” I went in for a haircut and started talking to my stylist about how wavy/curly/kinky/not straight my hair is naturally and how tired I was of fighting it. She worked her magic and taught me the in’s and out’s of using my diffuser and the importance of “product.” I like it, Husband likes it and I have to say it really is easier than fighting it and always having to blow dry it. Not sure I will keep it this way for long but it’s nice to have options and it’s nice to know how to encourage the curl in this yucky, hot, humid deep south summer.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spell Check, ever heard of it?

It's obvious when I go through my reader and see all of the mistakes in my posts that I really should take advantage of that little thing called "Spell Check."

Forgive me, my "blog time" used to be quiet afternoons while children were sleeping, but now it's a stolen moment while they are supposed to be playing or eating - I get interrupted. A lot.. I get bumped and sat on, and I just don't have the energy or attention span to go back and proof my work. I'm sorry.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Update!

Let me start by saying, getting old SUCKS! After getting off to a very sloooooow start and 1 pound gain, my body decided to get on board with my plan and started to shed some LB's.

I think it's been just over 2 weeks and I'm down to 144. I don't think that I'll make the 10lb goal before August 1st, but it won't be for lack of trying.

My eating has been really good, I've even cut out sweet tea (Gasp!) I'm exercising regularly but did skip a few days because I didn't get up early enough to beat the heat. I'm a wuss when it comes to heat and giving myself a heatstroke over 6lbs just isn't worth it.

My plan for this week is to kick up the exercise and make it a priority to get up and get in a run or walk. As for eating, the only thing I can really cut out right now is the occasional sweet I've still allowed myself, which honestly hasn't been much. My calorie count is extremely low and having a bite of a chocolate chip cookie or 1/2 of a cupcake has been accounted for.

Seven days and counting...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Thing - Week 28

I went an entire week without eating meat. It’s not like I set out to become a vegetarian, I watched Food, Inc. (watch it, I dare you.) and I can’t shake the images and information from my head. I’m not sure I’ll never eat meat again but I’ve certainly never gone an entire week without it, and right now it’s just too fresh on my mind, so I guess you can call me a “temporary vegetarian.”

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ask and Ye Shall... Burn

I haven't been in the sun at all this summer - I've been complaining that I could be related to Casper the ghost I'm so white. I don't count the rockin' farmers tan I've been sporting from the minimal outside time I've had with the girls, so when the Munchkin started her swim lessons last Friday I was excited (and slightly appalled) about the opportunity to finally get in my swimsuit and soak up some vitamin D.

Staying true to my Tanorexic Self, I ignored the sunblock (for myself only) and took my chances with the straight glorious rays of sun.. I burned. Bad. We stayed longer than I thought we would and I paid (am still paying) the price.

I know I need to be more careful, but in my head I always think, "It'll be tan by tomorrow" well, not this time. I'm fried, like a crispy critter. I'll spare you a picture, I can't imagine anyone wants to really see sunburned skin (this goes along with food that you have eaten off of, BTW) But trust me when I tell you it's a very odd, indescribable shade of red.

We have swim lessons again tomorrow and this "Tanorexic" will be applying some sunscreen.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

10 Pound Weight Loss Challenge

Here I am again.. facing pool time and a trip to the beach without having lost that 10 pounds I swore I would lose by summer time this year... It's a promise I make to myself every year and fail to follow through on.

I've decided as of 4th of July weekend I'm going to lose 10 pounds before we go to the beach in about a month. I do not plan to use gimmicky diets, starve myself, or cut off my arm. I'm going to lose 10 pounds by watching what I eat and exercising like a maniac.

Since my last weight loss challenge at the end of last year, I've slowly put on the few pounds that I had lost. I think I was somewhere around 141 at the lowest of that challenge. Now I'm sitting at 148.5.....again.

I don't like sharing this information with the world but I figure I need the accountability. So here we go.. I don't plan to make regular updates I just plan to lose 10 pounds before August 1.. I'll update at some point, and if I don't, just assume that I failed to keep my promise yet again and maybe don't rub it in my face?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My New Thing - Week 26

I bought new cleaning wipes. I know they aren't the most eco-friendly thing around but I always like to keep a big tub of them sitting in my kitchen. It makes wiping down counter tops and sticky placements easier and faster. I was at Publix looking for my favorite, Greenworks. I like the ginormous tub but they were out, so I tried the Seventh Generation and they flat out stink. Not as in they don't work, they literally stink. I can't stand the smell of them or the smell it leaves on my counters and my hands. Needless to say I won't be buying these again. I would consider this weeks "New Thing" a fail.

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Friday, July 02, 2010


Remember not so long ago when I told you about the dreadful pooptastrophe we had during bathtime? Well today during park time, we had round 2. Only instead of poop, it was puke.

We were meeting some friends to play at the park, yes I know it's hot and no, I didn't plan to stay very long. From the time we pulled in to the time we were in the car on the way home it was almost exactly an hour - I tell you this so you don't think I'm a crazy neglectful Mom who takes her kids out when it's 90+ degrees without expecting there to be consequences. I loaded them up on water and juice so we were prepared for the 30 or so minutes we actually spent playing.

"Ashley" was the first to show signs of weakness, she came over to me while we were on the playground and started laying on me, she was sweaty and saying "Go Go Go." I can take a hint. I gave the Munchkin her 5 minute warning and started loading our snacks and sippys back into the bag.

I grabbed the twins who refused to walk, carried them to the car, Munchkin sulking but following. I loaded "Ashley" into the car, buckled her up and she puked. All over everything, 3 times.

I got her out of the car, she puked some more, all over me, all over my bag more on herself. I stripped her down, wiped her off, cleaned out her seat the best I could and borrowed a towel from a friend who thankfully was there to help me out.

I loaded her in again, then loaded "MaryKate." I turned around to see/hear Munchkin vomit all over the parking lot. She puked 3 times. I felt like I was in a Saturday Night Live skit. There was literally vomit spewing everywhere I turned. Very Linda Blair-esque, only without the spinning head.

I was drenched in sweat, covered in vomit and laughing. K apologized for laughing too, but it was another one of those moments where you just have to laugh. All I could do was laugh and ask "What is happening here?" I have never seen so much vomit in my life, what are the odds that 2 out of 3 kids are going to vomit on me at the park?

On the way home "Mary Kate" verped and I nearly had a panic attack. She laughed, the Munchkin was telling me it was ok because she had a bag to catch her puke. I laughed again.

I cannot even describe to you the odor in my car on this hot summer day. A vomit soaked car seat is worse than a rouge sippy of milk... Trust me on this.

Ain't life grand?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My New Thing - Week 25

I panicked when I realized I didn’t have a single new thing to talk about this past week, that or I just couldn’t remember what it was so I went to the store and bought a new flavor of ice cream. I chose wisely. I love Heath Bar anything so I picked up the Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla Heath Bar and it was superb! Try it!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

The One Where Mommy Has a Tantrum.

My kids are loud. Really really loud. Loud and shrill. When they get on a tangent they feed off of each other getting louder and louder until you literally are paralyzed not able to even think. The term "so loud I can't hear myself think," does not even begin to describe the scenario that happens in our car on a regular basis.

Today, it was bad. I was going through a drive thru to get a drink. I couldn't hear to order, I couldn't even hear the lady at the window. I practically threw my money at her and floored it it was so embarrassing.

I've tried ignoring, I've tried asking them to stop, I don't spank and I'm not an advocate of spritzing them in the face with water. So today the noise was so loud I pulled into a parking space a sat. There was no way in hell it was safe for me to try and drive with the noise they were making. They continued to scream and after a few minutes of me trying to "reason" with them, I decided what the hell? If you can't beat em' join em' So I did.

I screamed. I screamed louder and longer than any of them. They got quiet. They stayed quiet. They (and anyone parked near us) may now think that Mommy has lost her mind but for the 10 minute car ride home, no one made a noise. Not a peep.

Is that one of my finer parenting moments? Not at all! But it sure did feel good.

It reminded me a lot of this commercial that I think is awesome:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Thing - Week 24

I had to choose between this and telling you about my experience with some nachos I've never ordered before, since I seem to always talk about food, this won out.

I bought a new holder for my iphone for when I run. I’ve tried several different things over time and haven’t been able to find anything that I really like. The one I bought goes on my arm. I don’t love it, but it’s the best of anything I’ve tried and it sure beats carrying it in my hand.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm going to try and relay the sequence of events as accurately as possible. Please note that there will be no need for exaggeration in this story, the way you read it is the way it actually went down.

I decided it was time to bathe the girls again, I do it as little as possible because it's such a pain in the ass. The Munchkin is fine but would rather take a shower, the twins hate it. At least one of them usually gets on board while the other makes the experience miserable from start to finish for all of us.

Today, "Ashley" was playing happily in the tub with the Munchkin. "Mary Kate" wasn't cooperating so I decided to let her do her thing while locked in the bathroom with us. I figured I would just dunk her in when everyone else was done and get it over with.

Munchkin and "Ashley" were playing when all of the sudden "Ashley" dropped a deuce in the tub, missing the Munchkin by mere centimeters, she never noticed. I quickly unloaded everyone from the tub and figured that "Ashley" wasn't done, so my first reaction was to sit her on the toilet. This went over so well, I'm sure that she will now be scarred and probably never use a real toilet again. (Bye Bye Potty Training.) In her attempts to free herself from my grips and the toilet, she smeared poo all over the seat and escaped.

She proceeded to finish her pooping in front of my closet doors.

Picture it:
One twin pooping on the floor while the other is screaming and banging to get out of the bathroom, now add in the Munchkin running in circles, dripping wet telling me that the turd is trying to go down the drain.

See why I hate bath time?

I brought the kicking screaming pooper back to the bathroom to clean her up while yelling for the Munchkin to go get the wipes. "Mary Kate" escaped.

I got her cleaned up, I fished the turd from the drain, cleaned the toilet, the tub and the toys. I stuck the Munchkin in the shower, ran clean bathwater and went to retrieve the twins one at a time to find that "Ashley" in her attempt to escape my bedroom had pee'd on the floor.

This all happened in approximately 23 minutes.

I can't stop laughing, I laughed while I cleaned, I laughed while they screamed, I laughed while telling Ms T the story and I'm laughing now as I type... Have I officially lost my mind? Is this a sign of crazy?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Me. Running.

I realize that title is for the most part laughable but lately I've been running. If you want to find out from who check me out over at Deep South Mom Blogs..

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My New Thing - Week 22

I tried something new at Zaxby's. I love their salads and decided to try the new Chicken Salad Sandwich. I like it a lot. I have to say it's not as good as Zoe's but better than Chick-Fil-A. I'm a chicken salad nut, so anywhere I can get good chicken salad without getting out of my car makes me happy.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Can You Say Fanatic? I Knew You Could.

Today I excused myself to go get "lunch" for the family and decided since I was already over that way *wink wink* I would swing by the bookstore and pick up the new Novella by Stephanie Meyer, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Its going to make a fine addition to my ever growing Twilight collection.

It wasn't until I was leaving the store, book in hand that I realized I was wearing my 100 Monkeys t-shirt (that happens to be signed by the band) Nice.

I might officially be over the edge.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My New Thing - Week 21

Hold on to your hats folks this one is riveting.. it also shows how much of a sucker I am for product placement.

For my it was my first time to try Snapple.. Don't judge me. I happen to be a fan of Celebrity Apprentice (you can judge me now) and their last assignment involved Snapple. I was thinking that it all looked tasty and would be yummy if ice cold during this summer, so I bought some and it was meh.

I don't hate it, but don't love it like I thought I would.. Maybe it was the flavor choice, so I think next time I'll try something not diet and in a different flavor.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Kickoff to our 2010 Summer O' Fun

I didn't put the Munchkin is school this summer because I miss her when she's at school. Next year she will go 5 days a week and it's breaking my heart.

Now that the twins are a little more tote-able, I wanted to fill this summer full of fun, movies, some day camps, playdates and of course some travel.

Find out what happens when I take my show on the road, I've broken all of the details down for you over at Deep South Mom Blogs - stop by and let me know I'm not the only one whose children turn into unrecognizable beings when they travel.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Not unlike "Li-Lo" my legs are so white it's hard to tell where my white shorts end and my thigh begins.

I need to tan. Soon.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New Gig.

Deep South Moms

There are so many exciting things happening in my life right now and I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for all of the things I have and all of the things I am able to do.

Following the Lines
suggested to me a while back that I should "try out" for a blog network called Deep South Mom Blogs, part of the Silicon Valley Mom Blogs. It's a huge network with sites all across the Country. I don't fancy myself a writer but I applied anyway. A bit of time passed, and she was chosen to write for Chicago Moms Blog, I didn't think anything of it, and just wrote it off. I literally had zero expectations. Then out of the blue about a month ago, I got a response saying they would like to have me on board.

I was thrilled! Shocked that they chose me to write along side some serious talent. People who are actually writers, and editors, people who do more than just wipe poop and report about it via a personal blog. I'm humbled.

My first post went up last week titled Smack That!

Find out how I managed to leave the McWane Science Center without causing bodily harm to some rowdy kids.

My New Thing - Week 20

We visited the Cincinnati zoo. It was incredible. We were in Lexington visiting my sister and decided to make the drive a little over an hour north. The girls had a blast, I can’t say enough about how nice the zoo was. They have tons of animals, animals that we don’t have here at our zoo so it was a great change of pace. The polar bears were putting on a show and kept the girls mesmerized for a long time. If you are ever up that way, stop in but be prepared to spend the day, the zoo is massive.

Make sure to mention your zoo membership if you have one for Birmingham. We were able to save 50% on admission, it was just over $20 for me and my 3 girls.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

These Sunglasses?

Don't look good on anyone..

Not even Robert Pattinson.

I'm sorry to inform you, they just don't. I actually like the glasses (and Robert Pattinson, in case you didn't know) but I have yet to see anyone that could actually pull this look off.

Just thought I would share my random thought for the day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My New Thing - Week 19

The word of the week for me was “Unsubscribe.” Somewhere over the past year I’ve managed to get on email lists for approximately 1.2 million different companies. My inbox had become so flooded with useless advertisements, sales, coupons and political endorsements that I couldn’t manage to weed through them all in a day. I was losing actual emails that I needed so I decided to remove myself from 99% of the lists I was on. I still have a long way to go but my inbox is definitely a little less packed!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Munchkin on Music....

I've blogged about this in the past but I just have to say again how much we (me and the girls) enjoy music. We seem to always have music going, singing dancing and playing together. Of course you probably know too that I don't do kids music and as a result neither do my children, thankfully.

I love driving down the road having the Munchkin shout out requests from the back seat that include, John Mayer, Coldplay, The Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jacksons "spooky song" (Thriller) and most recently she is obsessed with Taylor Swift.

While running errands today the Munchkin asked if we could listen to Love Story, then said, "I just love that song, it's so magical and makes everyday magic and nice" Then proceeded to tell me how magical music makes the leaves stay on the trees, makes the water smooth and keeps it from raining.

In the car on the way home again, she requested the "melody in my head" song... I went through 3 or 4 songs not really sure which one she was referring to when she finally said, "you know the melody song by the guy with the brown face wearing a jacket and sitting like this" she struck a pose and immediately I realized she was talking about "Replay by Lyaz." Somehow someway she was able to see the cover on my ipod and put two and two together.. What's funny is that she was dead on, and it wasn't until she posed that I knew what she was talking about.

I love that kid and her musical taste.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Thing - Week 18

Not terribly exciting but here it goes!

For me this week it’s all about a new moisturizer. I’ll admit, I don’t take great care of my skin. I’ve been a sun worshipper and tanorexic most of my life. I rarely wash my make up off and tend to use baby wipes more than my facial wash. I don’t buy expensive stuff and I’m not brand loyal. When I run out, I try whatever I see, or whatever my favorite celebrity is endorsing. I freed my radicals for the longest time just because Jennifer Garner was endorsing it! Anyway, I’ve now moved on to Neutrogena Aging Intensives – Deep wrinkle *gasp* formula. I figure now that I’m in my 30’s I should start paying attention to those fine lines that are appearing. So far I like it but it’s been less than a week. Let’s see if it really wipes out the frown lines!!

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Sunday, May 09, 2010


For those of you that comment, I apologize for having to reinstate the word verification. I took it off a long time ago at the suggestion of articles saying you get more comments when readers don't have to jump through hoops, recently the spam has gotten out of control..

Please don't stop commenting! I love the feedback, just hate the spam!

Friday, May 07, 2010

We Are Women Hear Us Rawr!

I was meeting a friend for lunch, a friend that even though both of her kids are in school will tolerate a lunch out with me last minute with the twinlets in tow.

It was nice out (and I mean it was 94 degrees) so we picked a place with a patio, she got there ahead of me and went in to place our order while I arrived and got us a seat on the patio. I was hauling the girls in our big ass double stroller, with our big ass diaper bag on the handle, full of all types of food, drink and bribes.. My basic errand running essentials. Nerds, Smarties, and raisins.

I was getting the girls settled with their bribes, bartering with them to give me just 20 minutes to woof down a bit of food before they went all toddler on me when I heard someone behind me say:

"You are a strong woman" I turned around and saw a man and his wife staring at me and the girls. I said, "I'm sorry, me?" And they both started nodding and telling me that they have a 4 month old and are afraid to go in public, that they don't see how I manage with twins.... I've heard this before, in fact it's a pity conversation that follows me pretty much every where I go. "Double trouble," "Don't you have your hands full," I've heard it all, usually I nod and say "We have our days" or "Oh no, it's not a big deal" but for some reason, right there in that moment, I thought - You're damn right I am! So I smiled politely and did something unheard of.... I accepted the compliment. It felt good.

For all of you Moms, my friends and family - you are strong women. I hope you all know it, and if a stranger ever tells you that, accept it and own it because it's true.

Happy Mothers Day to some of the strongest women out there! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My New Thing - Week 17

Seems like I keep letting the cat out of the bag on my new thing right before I'm supposed to officially post it on Tuesday -- I will chalk that up to not really knowing what I did that was new until I have to sit and think...

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the new things I try are because I’m forced to do so… For this week, I was forced into a new hair stylist. I called to make an appointment and my girl (of more than 3 years) was gone. The new girl did fine, but I want my old girl back. I’m on the verge of stalking every salon in the area until I find her.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Hair Scare

I don't get my hair cut as often as I should, my visits are probably every 8-10 weeks. I'm pretty low maintenance only getting a semi permanent color done in the winter. I'm letting my hair grow and until recently didn't have bangs. Some may say BORE - ING. I say, I have 3 kids and when my hair is long I can go DAYS without having to wash it... So there.

I called to make an appointment and was told that my stylist was no longer with the salon... GASP! I knew better than to ask, but I did:

"Do you know which salon she moved to?"

Lady on the phone, "No, I'm sorry we don't"

*Liar Liar Pants on Fire*

"But I'll be happy to refer you to another one of our stylists"

*Of course you would*

"How about J?"

Me: "I don't know, how about her? Is she new?"

Lady on the phone: "No she has been here for 4 years"

Me: "Alright, I'll give her a try"

Lady on the Phone: "What do you want to have done?"

*The absolute minimum*

Me: "Cut, style and brow wax"

I got my appointment set up and while I was really thinking about some highlights for the summer, I decided to not press my luck and just get past this initiation process. I hate this process, I had been with my last girl for over 3 years. We weren't friends, but we knew a lot about each other, we had a lot in common, I miss her and want her back. She could have at least left a post it!

I met the new girl, and she did a fine job. She took forever and ripped a little skin from my eye lid during the wax but I guess it's better than a chunk out of my hair. I think I scared her more than she scared me. I asked her lots of questions about her experience and even tried not so covertly to find out where my other girl went. She was tight lipped.

What I do know is that my girl didn't go back to Louisiana. What I also know is that her husband is a Stylist at a local salon, would it be creepy and somewhat stalker-ish to try and find her?

I think I might.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My New Thing - Week 16

This week my New Thing is a 2 for one. Pretty much what I blogged about in my last post, but for official documentation, here is the run down.

There is a great venue here in Birmingham called the Workplay Theater. Lots of concerts and events are held there, and while I've been there before, I had never actually attended a concert there, it's a great place for a show! The 2nd New Thing? Seeing Hottie Vampire Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale from Twilight) in concert with his band 100 Monkeys. We even got to meet and TOUCH him. I guess that could count as a 3rd thing, huh? It was all in all a great night of New Things!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Encounter with 100 Monkeys

Last night, Jackson Rathbones band 100 Monkeys rolled through town. Me and several friends thought it would be fun to attend. Honestly, and maybe this is bad to say, but I'm really not a fan of their music, it kind of sucks to be brutally honest. I like a couple of songs and they are much better live than on itunes, I really went just to drink and stare at this hot vampire for a couple of hours, in my mind anything else would be gravy.... And good gravy, we had a fantastic time and encounter with Jackson and the band!

It started when one of the security guys, Walter took a liking to us. I'm not really sure why, but he did. Our seats were also really good and he kept going in and out of a door that was right behind us. He came over and was talking to us about the music, we told him we were there for Jackson not the music... He laughed and said "You know he's right behind that door..." We kind of played along, not really sure what to believe, we told him to bring him out, he disappeared through the door and came back with Jackson! Holy Crap, we couldn't believe it, Jackson snuck out, introduced himself, asked our names, shook our hands and snuck back through the door. Girls started squealing and we felt special, I won't lie.

As I mentioned the show was actually good. Jackson threw several looks our way and accomodated us taking his picture while he was on stage. We decided to buy the band some shots (Alabama Slammers, of course) and our Security guy Walter, said he would get them to the band and tell them they were from us... He did. Did I mention that Walter rocks?

After the show we were able to meet all of them, got our shirts signed and they thanked us for the shots, and said they were very "effective." Really cute Mohawk guy even texted RandomMommy from my phone since she had to leave early -

I can't say enough about how sweet these guys are, even if you don't like the music, check them out if they come to your city, it's really a fun show to see..

Here's cutie patootie Jackson in the pics I was able to get...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Thing - Week 15

In the spirit of “Green Month” I have switched the Twinlets over to Seventh Generation chlorine free diapers. I love them! I’ve tried another brand before that didn’t work out too well, but I have fallen in love with these and plan to keep on using them. They don’t even leak overnight!! They are a little more expensive but now that we don’t go through quite so many diapers in a day, I can stomach the cost and know that I’m doing a little something to help the environment.

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Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm guessing that most of my readers are Moms, so I wanted to take a second and ask for your help.

After attending the visitation last week of a 2 year old little girl that was killed after being hit by a neighbors car while they were backing up - several friends and myself were talking about how it should be mandatory that all cars have back up sensors or cameras of some type to help keep this from happening.

We know that this issue is important to Moms everywhere and we need help and numbers across the United States, this is not just a local issue or problem. We have to reach car companies everywhere and we need your help. Even if you don't have time to devote to researching or petitioning, we can use you has a number.

Our group is called MASS - Mothers Are So Strong. This group is an advocacy group for children, and for all Moms, relatives and friends of children. Our first mission, and the reason we came to be, is to create a bill requiring all vehicles on the road to be equipped with rear obstacle sensors.

There is current legislation on this issue and we have the names of groups and Senators that have been involved in passing this along.. Let's join forces and push this issue.

You can get all of the info my joining our Facebook page at:!/group.php?gid=112009675500305&ref=ss

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Slept Holding Her Hand...

A lot of people that read this blog know the family or have heard about the accident in the news. On Sunday a sweet friend that I met through our local Mommies Group lost her 2 year old little girl in a tragic accident.

I have not been able to stop thinking about this family. When you are a Mom, things like this hit home more than ever before. My heart goes out to this family and all of those involved.

Sunday night after I heard the news, all I wanted to do was hug my girls. I let the Munchkin sleep in our bed, and I fell asleep holding her hand. Life is precious, it is short and it is unpredictable.

If you pray, please pray for this family, if you don't pray, send all of the positive vibes and good thoughts you have, tomorrow they will bury their little girl and will need all of the strength they can get.

A Facebook page has been set up for people to help the family. If you have time or the resources please consider this family...!/note.php?note_id=412761333618&id=642978383

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Thing - Week 14

For this week, my new thing was that I purchased and wore an animal print dress.

This may not seem like a big deal to most, but I don't do animal prints. Shirts, shoes, pants, dresses, even purses, I have always steered clear of them, thinking they actually look better on the animal rather than a bag or clothes. It just hasn't been my style.

I was out shopping and saw this really cute dress, and it was an animal print. I loved the style and it fit, so I bought it. I'm happy with it, I just don't foresee making a habit of turning my closet into a wearable zoo, but I guess one dress does not a zoo make. Rawr!

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Easter Cuties

Hunting eggs this year was fun. The Twinlets are now old enough to participate and "get it" so it made for some great family fun!