Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Tale of Two Trees.

So. It's Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year, blah blah and all that jazz. My Christmas tree? Looks like ass.

It's the first year that the Munchkin could truly participate in the decorating, she understood it, and she loved it, flat out enjoyed getting her (and her sisters) ornament boxes out and going through each one and carefully choosing which branch to put them on. One branch. All the ornaments on one branch.

The old me would have been over correcting her choices by gently suggesting she spread them out a little, and by gently suggesting I mean completely re-doing the whole tree after she went to bed. The new me? Not so much. My standards have changed and this year I really just don't care.

I knew the twins were going to be a challenge but I also thought after a couple of days they would be bored and move on... Wrong. They are just as enamored over a week later as they were the first time they came down the stairs and saw all the glitz and glamour.

A friend (let's call her Turtle) made what I thought was a great suggestion, put up a little tree, that one can be for the girls and the big one is Mommy's tree, no touching. I gave them their own little corner, a basket full of kid friendly ornaments and it lasted all of about 12 minutes. They pushed the basket around, brought the ornaments over to the big tree and tried to decorate it, they took the ornaments off of the big tree and tried to decorate their tree or would put them in their ornament basket. Needless to say it didn't go according to plan.

Now I have 2 trees that look like ass. Well, one that looks like ass and one that is completely naked and shoved in the corner.

When you come to my house, please don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining... You can skip the niceties about the beauty of my decorations, no hard feelings. I'll get back to my incredibly high standards and lovely decorations one day.

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Christina said...

My tree looks like ass with multiple young babies=tree that looks like ass. Its all good. ;)