Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pillow Talk.

Last night after watching a movie Husband and I headed off to bed. Although very tired from a long day, I felt the need to just flip channels and see what I could fall asleep to. I settled on Conan O Brian. All was quiet, then I had a moment of panic because I was unsure of the date..

Me: What's today?
Husband: The 21st, why?
Me: Oh good, well I have to respond to that "Super Secret Email" by the 23rd or it's null and void. (and no it has nothing to do with a pyramid scheme, details coming soon)
Husband: Oh... What are you waiting for?
Me: All parties to work out the minor details.
Husband: Oh...

::: Silence :::

Me: Does that lead singers eyes look crossed to you?
Husband: ::: silence:::
Me: I should really take a vitamin C, I think I'm getting sick
Husband: I can't really see his eyes.
Husband: Oh yeah his eyes are crossed...

::: Silence :::

Husband: ::: Snore :::

Zexsy, No?

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