Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Extract a Baby with a Tool Kit.

For Christmas, Santa brought the Munchkin a tool kit. Complete with drill, "screwdryer," wrench, saw, pretty much everything you can think of that would be in a normal tool kit.

I really thought I would get a kick out of watching her walk around a la Handy Manny, looking for repairs that needed to be made, but leave it to her to put the tool kit to new uses.

She came in the day after Christmas with her tool kit and asked me to lay down on the sofa, she told me she was the nurse and the Dr would be in to see me in a minute. She proceeded to tell me that she was going to get the baby out of my belly..... with the saw. Then she pulled out the "screwdryer" and said it wouldn't really hurt.

I tried to protest, but my resistance was futile. She told me to hold still while she pulled out the drill (aka glue gun) and glued me back together. She even used the level to make sure I was straight. She's nothing if not thorough.

Did you know having a baby was that "simple?"

A saw, screwdriver, drill/glue gun, level and Bam! You have a baby. Kind of sounds like something from a horror movie don't you think?

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Aubrey said...

This was the first thing I read on your blog...I just might be hooked between the cuteness of Munchkin and that lovely Auburn snuggie!!