Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekend of Wellness goes Horribly Wrong!

We got through October, probably our busiest month of the year. Birthday, football, festivals, Halloween, Pumpkin patches, just busy busy busy.

We were so excited when we looked at the calendar and realized that for the next couple of weekends we had nothing planned. Nothing, nada, zip. I thought it would be a great time for everyone to rest up and hopefully put these nagging coughs and snotty noses behind us.

This morning about 4am, the Munchkin came downstairs saying she was going to throw up. She was standing on the landing, crying. I was stumbling around trying to remember where and who I was when the words "throw up" registered and sent me running for the nearest bowl or trash can I could find.

I got her settled and realized that she was shivering so hard her teeth were chattering. Her fever was 103 and she was complaining that her back hurt. I started putting 2 and 2 together and that, combined with her having some bathroom mishaps over the weekend made me afraid she had some type of infection.

Fast forward to 11am and us sitting in the sick waiting room. I wanted so bad to sign in and walk right back out and have them page me when our name was called... A La Outback or Chili's. It took all of the courage I had to step into that sick waiting room. It was like a Third world Country in there. Kids in masks, to either cover the germs when they coughed or to catch the lung they were coughing up... still not sure.

The Kid next to us had been out of school for a week and half already, one was in the bathroom vomiting and one near us looked like he was about to. It was bad! Really bad.

We finally got called and after a quick look see, everything appeared clear. He checked her blood count, it was high and he diagnosed a bacterial infection. Most likely urinary. Nice! I sat in that contamination room for almost an hour with a kid who couldn't even give back to those around us. Not fair.

So, she was given her first round of antibiotics (ever by the way) and with no fever, we are hoping she will be good to go in no time. Otherwise my weekend of Wellness is going to turn into my Week of Hellness.


Michelle said...

I hope she gets well soon! Yuck!

Marie said...

We just started our latest round of sickness after being well for 2 weeks. I feel your pain.