Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twi-Hards Unite!

Are you a true Twilight fan? I mean like a real true fan? If you can without a doubt answer yes, no make that Hells Yes! to that question, then you need to check out the most awesome giveaway going on over at!! I can't win because I'm a contributor, but you aren't, so enter now!!

While you're there make sure to follow us on twitter (@birminghammommy) and fan us on Facebook. Lots of great information and more prizes coming soon!!

Me and the Besties (and contributors) with Pfach... Did I mention we have an autographed picture of him in the giveaway??? We do!

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Anonymous said...

By the way I decided to read the twilight books to see what all the fuss was about. Made it all the way through "New Moon" before I gave up. What is it with here repeating the SAME THING over and over? STEPHANIE I GET IT! HIS SKIN IS ICE COLD, YES I KNOW HIS BODY IS HARD AS STONE! You don't have to repeat it every other page. I guess you have to have a vagina to appreciate it just like you have to have a penis to appreciate Chuck Norris.