Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slapping Beaver and The G Hat

Sounds like it could be a band doesn't it? It's actually 2 mysteries from the Twilight movie that elude me.

For anyone out there that considers themselves an expert on the Twilight series, please let me know your findings or knowledge.

When Bella is looking for a bookstore, she scrolls down her computer screen and passes a book called The Slapping Beaver by Patty Sanchez. I've googled it, I can't figure it out. I'm guessing maybe it's just one of those movie things. It bugs me to not know for sure.

The other mystery we were wondering about again during the movie the other night is why does Rosalie have a "G" on her baseball hat? Not a "C" .... It really should be a "C" What is the connection?

I need answers.


Michelle said...

Can't see the movie until next weekend. How was it? In comparasion to the first movie? To the books?

J said...

Damn, back to the great Twilight mysteries. I'd finally let them go.