Friday, November 20, 2009

Night and Day, Apples to Oranges.

I just got home from seeing the Midnight Premiere of New Moon.... Holy Shite Man!

If you plan to see the movie, you may want to tune away and come back after you've seen it and give me your thoughts. I'll try not to ruin anything, of course you've most likely read the books and know the story so it's not that big of a surprise.

I loved loved loved this movie. It was as good as Twilight was bad. Yeah, I know I saw it somewhere between 20-30 times in theater and who knows how many times I watched it illegally online and on DVD, but let's face it, it was bad, and seeing it back to back with this movie? Oy Vey!

Jailbait Lautner did a remarkable job with Jacob... Remarkable. He sucked me in and for just a little while, I forgot about Edward. *Gasp* And just wait until you see what I like to refer to as "The Big Reveal" - boy is ripped and he knows how to work it.

It was funny, it was supposed to be.

The makeup was 1000 times better, Jasper looked like a 70's porn star, but was a non issue since he had maybe 1 line in the movie after the birthday scene.

It seemed that Chris Weitz was able to reign Kristen Stewart in with the batting of the eyelashes and the stuttering and weird mouth movements, she made me like her.... a lot.

The effects were facking amazing. It had a very Golden Compass feel, the special effects did not disappoint. The Wolves, the Volturi, SO. GOOD.

They stayed so true to the book that you could quote the lines that were coming next without having ever seen it.... The parts where it strayed a little were subtle and good.

I loved this movie, and I have hyped it up enough now that it's going to let some of you down, but really, the movie, was like a real movie. It wasn't cheesy.

I'm so glad I was able to share this night with my besties. Mommapeas even drove from Chi-town to be here with us, just like last year. The night was perfect..... except for the part where my phone fell in the toilet and won't work, but that's a post for another hour!


Marie said...

Can't wait. I didn't really like Twilight much, even though I loved the book, so it's good to hear they got this one right.

anna c. said...

i just want you to know that i got talked into going to the midnight showing of new moon without having ever seen the first OR read the books. i was clueless. thankfully, i had great plot people sitting next to me that did a great job of answering questions and filling me in. i was a skeptic at first, but came out a believer.. i was very much entertained! :)