Wednesday, November 04, 2009


What happened to it? In the past year me and my friends have been targets of weird, childish behavior. I guess in some cases you could even call it mild criminal behavior. I've been threatened, my computer has been hacked and now personal property of mine as been damaged.... While many people will look at all of these things as lashing out and "innocent" fun at our expense, I look at it as more.

Even in the last couple of weeks I have been previe to some things that just make me question people as a whole. I guess I always assume that the majority of people try to do the right thing, and to treat people the right way, that's what I do. That's what I'm trying to teach my children. I fail a lot but I try. Over and over again people prove me wrong. People dissappoint me.

My four year old (who is smarter than the average bear) overheard the conversation I was having with husband regarding the vandalism. She understood what I was telling him, mostly because she helped make the property that was messed up. She asked who and why? Then I was faced with having to explain to my CHILD that there are people in this world that don't make good choices. They do things to try and hurt other people and it's wrong. Some people like to make other people feel bad and sometimes adults act like children.

I'm not a Mensa, but I do consider myself to be fairly intelligent, and having 3 kids has schooled me in childish behavior so I think I can recognize that when thrown at me. What I don't understand is how these "adults" plan to raise their children to be good people, when they themselves are not. It's a terrible, vicious cycle.

When you threaten people, when you destroy their property or say horrible horrible things to them, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Building yourself up to make others feel bad? Didn't we do that in grammar school? Haven't we all learned that those are classic signs of one's own insecurity?

Maybe they missed that memo.


random_mommy said...

Check your statcounter!

Anonymous said...

I just think its awful when someone tries to do something nice in their community and that happens. What terrible people. Whoever it was should do the world a favor and get a life.

Anonymous said...


I, obviously, don't know you know you, but I get a good sense of you from what I read here. I'm going to assume that those who target you and your friends with their immature, classless behavior are jealous.

It's not innocent fun at your expense. Innocent fun at your expense would be them making fun of your shoes. And even then....not so much.

When threats are made, computers hacked into and property is damaged, it's crossed a HUGE line. HUGE. Make it known you will NOT tolerate it. Call the cops. Do whatever.

It sucks your kid(s) has to see this and that she (they) UNDERSTAND it. On one hand, we want to shield our children from this type of behavior, but on the other it can be turned into a fantastic learning experience for her. She can see how it makes you feel, she won't/doesn't like it and won't want to be the cause of others feeling the same.

My comment clearly is far too long. I shall shut it now.

Marie said...

Having to explain things like that to young children are always troublesome. Last year, we had a neighborhood bandit who was breaking in, vandalizing, stealing, etc. Luckily our house didn't get it. But in all the conversations we had with neighbors my 5 year old picked up on something wrong. We had to answer his questions & gave him much the same type answer you gave your child. I feel for you.