Saturday, November 21, 2009

$200 Down the Drain.... Well, Almost.

So as you know from my recent post, I was at the theater for the midnight showing of New Moon and the showing of Twilight right before.

In between shows, we got up to stretch, pee, get popcorn and all that jazz. I was headed to the popcorn counter, so I took an order from Madie's Mom on my way out and slipped my phone into my back pocket so I could call her when I forget what she wanted. (which I did, by the time I got to the bathroom.) Since we all know it's better to pee before getting your food, we headed to the bathroom first.

Not a huge crowd considering, I picked a stall that was clean and without any type of backup in the toilet (thank god.) As I pulled my pants down I heard a splash, and in what took me all of about 1.3 seconds, I gasped, realized what splashed, turned to see my 10 month old iphone swimming for it's life in this public toilet and I reached down to save it without a second thought.

In case you missed that.... I stuck my hand in a public toilet.

I always said if I ever dropped my phone in a toilet that would be it's final resting place, I cannot believe I stuck my hand in the toilet for this phone. In that 1.3 seconds, I thought maybe, just maybe I could get it in time. I dropped my t-mobile phone in water several times before it finally died, surly this nice expensive iphone would fair much better in a quick dip, right? Like it's so expensive you would expect some type of little floatation device to pop out, maybe someone should invent an app for that.. I'm just sayin'

I couldn't have been more wrong. There was not floatation device, there was no fast enough.

The screen flashed off and on while I pee'd and prayed to the cell phone gods to make it ok. I came out of the stall saying some awful 4 letter words, I washed the cover with soap and water, wiped the phone down and proceeded to violently shake the toilet water from it, not caring who was getting splashed. (Sorry about that Random Mommy.)

I was thinking maybe just maybe it would dry out, but it only lit up with this scary little red light I had never seen before.. Not good. It should have just been a sad Mac.

In the end, I had to take it to the Dork Desk at the Apple store where they happily sold me a replacement for $199.99.

Husband = So Not Happy.
Me = Not getting a Christmas Present.


nancy said...

I hope you kept the old phone. I dropped mine in the toilet and with a few days off and a new battery it works. or worked. A few months after that I dropped it and cracked the screen. Bought an upgraded one and fixed the glass on the last one.. its a pain in the ass.

Go buy kidflix... awesome new app! for your awesome new phone

Michelle said...

That stinks!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh no! That is my worst nightmare, and I am pretty sure it would be the end of my christmas gifts too!

Marie said...

Hand in public toilet! YUCK! I have nightmares about these kinds of things.

Unknown said...

LOL that's friggen funny... hopefully it still works. And you wiped it down with Lysol wipes!

Madie's Mom said...

I had no idea that I was indirectly sorry for my involvement in that whole episode. But thankful you were able to get a replacement.

Oh What a night:)!!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My dad put his on a cookie sheet in the oven on "warm" and left it for about 20 minutes. Somehow it worked afterward. Of course, he's an electrical engineer, so he "knew what he was doing." I would never have tried it.

Anonymous said...

That? SUCKS! I would be horrified if I had to reach into any toilet, let alone a public toilet.

If my phone went for a swim, it would've stayed there.

Which is probably why I don't have the iPhone I covet. Yet.

Anonymous said...

My husband said he knows two Amy's: Amy pre iPhone and Amy post iPhone.... Maybe I have little shame and much 'need' for my phone, but if it went for a swim.... I'm swimming after it :).
( cute story.... Very funny)