Friday, October 09, 2009

Princesses, Princesses Everywhere!

The Munchkin turned 4 on Tuesday and the theme for this year is anything and everything to do with Princesses. Her gifts were centered around Cinderella and thanks to Disney's impeccable timing, Snow White.

I have to say we are looking like the best parents in the world right now. She has been carrying her new Snow White doll everywhere, and has even taken some artistic liberties with the Dwarfs (Little Peoples?) real names.

They shall henceforth be known as....

Snow White and the Seven "Doors"

"Dobie" ( it sounds like Toby, her imaginary older brother. Because I don't have enough kids!)
"Shy" (not bashful)
"Angry" (grumpy doesn't quite do him justice evidently)


Jayme said...

LOL Love the new names! My girls are all about the princesses as well :)

Michelle said...

How cute! Happy birthday Munchkin!

Rachel said...

That's too cute! My toddler is JUST starting to get into Princesses, which was helped by our recent acquisition of Snow White as well. Grumpy is her favorite, but only because he wears pink. Not that she's shallow or anything...