Monday, October 19, 2009

No Soup for You!

I could have labeled this post with so many titles.....

  • Should have made Chili Blanco
  • The Great Loaded Potato Soup Debacle of 09'
  • Reason number 6,376 not to cook dinner while kids are still up
I was making out my weekly menu, and planning my shopping list when the thought hit me that I had not had potato soup in a long time, the weather is cool and it just sounded so good. I pulled out my recipe books and found one that looked easy and didn't take hours to cook.

We've fallen into a habit of waiting until the twinlets are in bed before we cook and eat, usually around 7:30 each night. Last night, everyone was being good, the recipe said it took 15 minutes to prepare and 15-20 minutes to simmer and to let all of the cheesy goodness come together. I thought that sounded great, I'll get it all together, let it simmer while I read bedtime stories and by the time I'm done, I'll have a hot bowl of soup waiting on me. Let me just say, this was about 6:45pm.

Whoever wrote that recipe must be an expert potato peeler or maybe they don't have 3 kids, either way, it took me way more than 15 minutes to peel, wash and cube up 8 potatoes, and cook them in the microwave. My "kids are being good" window was rapidly closing as I was cussing the person who wrote this recipe. The Munchkin came in whining about wanting scrambled eggs, I explained that we were having soup, not eggs. Trying to concentrate on whisking my butter and flour then slowly add my milk.... Hoping I don't scorch anything.

Things were going good, but it was taking longer than I expected and was requiring more attention than I really had to give. I heard a thump, followed by a cry. I stepped over the Munchkin who was wallowing around my feet, still begging for eggs, and ran to the living room to see the twinlets in a wrestling match over a doodle pad. I sent the wrestlers to their corners and ran back to my soup just as it was boiling over onto my cooktop. I screamed something that sounded like a "arrugerrrhh" loud enough to send the wallowing, egg girl scurrying from the kitchen.

That's it. Soups done. Dinner for last night, and the leftovers I had planned were ruined, not to mention the sight of my cooktop, that I thought was going to have to be replaced. (See Exhibit A.)

I was pissed, I was hungry, and by the time I got it to a manageable state, it was after 8:30. My kids were all still up, the twinlets 1 hour past their bedtime and they were grouchy. I texted the husband, "there will be no soup." He kindly stopped by McDonalds to save the day and refrained from asking too many questions. Smart man.

Then all I could think of was how I would have terribly disappointed My Culinary Crush, Tom Colliccho.

It would have gone something like this.

An utter disappointment. Did you even bother to taste your dish? Were you happy with the outcome? It wasn't seasoned, the potatoes were undercooked, and it lacked originality.

Please pack your Soup Spoon and go.


countryfriedmama said...

I want to see the contestants on Top Chef cook a meal while entertaining small children. THAT would be a challenge.

I don't know why I even try to cook a meal that doesn't center on my crockpot. It's really the only way to go these days.

Rachel said...

I feel your pain. I've had similar tragedies when it comes to soup - one which included an exploding 9x13 pyrex dish which landed all in my ginormous pot of homemade vegetable soup...

It was a sad day.

Anonymous said...

The cooktop? Looks strangely like mine anytime I cook. But, that's because I suck at it. Your reason is MUCH more acceptable.

I LOVE potato soup. Too bad I can't cook for crap.

Perhaps I should come down? I could wrangle the kidfolk so you can focus only on the creamy goodness of that soup.