Monday, October 26, 2009

Kentucky, A Trilogy.

Part One:

We headed north for a long weekend to visit with my sister who lives in Lexington. We decided to go this month because the horses are running at Keeneland and husband had never been up there. I thought the promise of gambling and alcohol would be icing on the cake in talking him into a 6 hour car ride with the girls. It worked.

We arrived right at dinner time, sister had dinner ready and we enjoyed a low key evening hanging out at the house.

My sisters house is great, there are 2 guest rooms so it works out that the twins can have their own room, while the Munchkin sleeps with us in the other. The only problem is, that the walls are paper thin. Each room shares a wall with the master bedroom so you really can't sneeze or fart without everyone hearing you. Normally not a problem... until you have a twin that develops a nagging, persistent cough at about midnight.

Husband nudged me, I acknowledged that I was awake and listening, willing her to stop. Brother in Law had to work on Friday so being up all night with a coughing baby wasn't something I wanted to throw at him... But I had a dilemma. "Ashley" was coughing. "Mary Kate" was sound asleep, in the same room. So I sat there, weighing my options...and did I mention, willing her to stop.....

*Cough Cough*

Please stop coughing, please stop coughing. I could go get her, but then what? I don't have anything to make her stop coughing

*Cough Cough*

Please, Oh please.. Come on Mommy Jedi Powers, work damn it, silence the child


Phew, thank goodness

*Cough Cough*

Crap! If I attempt to retrieve her, I could wake "Mary Kate" then that could be REALLY bad, what to do, what to do

That continued for about 20 minutes. I continued to wait her out, and she settled back down only to start back up around 3:15am. I finally went in to get her and brought her back in the room with us, where she was a live wire, refusing to sleep, only wanting to play. I decided to just go for it and finally put her back down. She went almost willingly with only a little whimpering. I think she had figured out how to make herself cough at one point, which was a little annoying but she finally went back to sleep.

Brother in Law left for work before we were up, so we weren't able to apologize profusely to him until lunch when we bought pizza for everyone as our way of making peace.

What a way to say "We're here, thanks for having us!!!"

To be continued.....

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