Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kenctucky, A Trilogy, Part 2.

So after trying to buy our hosts forgiveness with pizza, we decided to drive around and show Husband the town. We had plans to hit the orchard and pumpkin patch but the weather was rainy and cold so we stayed sheltered.

On the way home we stopped by a drug store so I could pick up some cough medicine for "Ashley." I didn't think it was going to be a big deal, get some cough meds, everyone gets sleep. Oh, how wrong I was! Have you tried to purchase OTC meds for children under the age of 2 lately? You can't. I'm guessing with all of the recalls lately, it's forced these companies to change their policies, many had blurbs about "New Directions and Warnings Information." It freaked me out and I decided to put a call into the Dr, who flat out said they wouldn't recommend anything OTC. I would have to bring her in.

That's all fine and good except that I'm in Kentucky. She doesn't have a fever, she's not acting funny or really even coughing during the day - we all just want to get some sleep while we're here,
I say.

She tells me all of the usual, elevate her head, cool mist humidifier, and said she would check with the Dr and call me back. She did, and recommended Mucinex.

All of this was going on while my sister and I were headed north to Cincinnati to do a little shopping at IKEA, on the way home we picked up the Mucinex and gave it a try at bedtime.

It worked. For 2 hours. I could dose her every 4-6. So, really? It didn't help.

At midnight, I went and got her, took her to the living room and that is where she and I stayed (awake) until she literally fell face first into my lap because she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore, that was a little after 3am. We slept on the sofa until about 5am, when I decided to dose her and stick her back in the pack n play before "Mary Kate" woke up and realized she was gone. It didn't work. She freaked and we ended up back in our room trying to be quiet. Finally the meds kicked in and I was able to put her down. It was after 6am.

It's a good thing I'm highly functioning while sleep deprived.

What will happen? Will the family finally get some rest? Stay tuned for the final chapter to this riveting trilogy!

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Anonymous said...

I SO feel your pain with the coughing thing! Morgan gets on a coughing jag and I want to rip her little lungs out to make it stop.

It SUCKS there's nothing much to give kids under 2. It's all frowned upon. Even vodka.