Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Have a Farm, So What?

As I sit here watching football and playing on the computer, the Husband leans over and starts asking questions about my habit of playing on my Fake Farm on Facebook. He says he doesn't get it, I told him I wasn't asking him to.

Him: What's that, what's it doing?
Me: It's plowing so I can plant something

Him: What are you planting?
Me: Onions.

Him: This is stupid
Me: So?

Him: There is no such thing as a Professional Fake Farm Towner
Me: So, there is no such thing as a professional twitterer either and you do that.... all day, Mr Funny pants. Go make me a coke.

Him: No, you wouldn't get me a beer...
Me: Because you FARTED on me...

Him: I didn't fart ON you....

What were we talking about?

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Frugal Vicki said...

ROFL, sounds like our "what are you playing?"
me "farkle"
him"what did you say to me?"

sheesh. At least you are smart enough to understand it. I can't get into it because it seems to stinking complicated!
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