Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fuel to the Fire

Here, I give reasons number 4,989 and 4,990 as to why I harbor ill feelings towards 99% of all Alabama fans.

On Saturday I threw on an Auburn hat and shirt and hit the grocery store to get some things for the Munchkins Birthday party. While unloading my cart, I turned to grab the sodas when an obnoxious man in head to toe crimson said to me.... "Well, Well, Roll Tide Roll..." (please insert you're own red neck voice here) After looking at him for a second with a "What the Fack" expression on my face and doing my best to not hiss at him, I managed to give him a "Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty" right back and was thankful that although only a shell of my former football self, I did happen to know who they were playing and the appropriate team cheer.

* please note, I was only wearing my team, I was not discussing it with anyone. I was just a frazzled mom of 3 trying to get through the grocery line with birthday supplies when I was so rudely assaulted.

Last night, while picking up some chips for "Taco Tuesday," I again was wearing my Auburn hat. (It's been rainy and humid and my hats are in heavy rotation these days.) While in the chip aisle, a man walked by and said "Wow, I gotta give it to you, you're brave to wear that hat in public" again, there was a "What the Fack" expression on my face as I stared at his UAT t-shirt. I looked at him in disbelief thinking, You have got to be joking??? We've lost one game, just one. I'm sure there are more coming but I will continue to wear my colors because, excuse the pun, that's how I roll.

We don't bail on our team after one loss, and given that fact that we didn't expect to even be 5-0 going into this past weekend, I'm pretty effing proud of our team. So why don't you just crawl back under your ugly ass houndstooth hat and bite me.

** please also note that I did not list stupidity as a reason in this post, as it ranks somewhere around number one.


Ms. Mess said...

Funny you posted this as I was at the "mall" today and saw to my disgust houndstooth underwear. In both bikini & thong. I see no need to take my support that far. But as my precious and oh so couth husband is fond of saying, "you could stick a Bama flag in poo and people would buy it."
Enjoying the lighter side of sports,

random_mommy said...

You should just say random insults like "You're fat." or "You're ugly." Then walk away.

Sandy said...

People are just plain rude!

I came by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITSthood!

J said...

I'm just glad that I'm in that 1%