Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What the Poop, Man?

The Munchkin has been potty trained since the twins were born. They are now 18 months. I would think that in 18 months this should be locked up and done, but she still gets distracted when she is playing and will pee her pants if not reminded to go. I'm so tired of saying the words, "Munchkin, go potty," "Are your pants wet or dry" Every.Damn.Day. We were doing so good and she was doing much better, until about a week a go. One day she wet her pants 4 times, and on Sunday she pooped in her pants. POOPED!!! Even when potty training, she never did that. Pooping was something she just never did in her pants, not even by accident. We were fortunate.

Sunday, I thought I smelled something, I checked the twins, nothing. I went about my business writing it off as a gassy baby or husband. It never dawned on me that the Munchkin was walking around with little turdlets in her pants.

After dinner, I told Munchkin to go potty, she came out holding her panties. I looked at her like she was crazy (fine parenting, I know) I asked her what she was doing, she wouldn't speak, she just held them up trying her best not to drop the poop on the floor. Husband and I realized about the same time what was going on.... We marched her back to the bathroom, cleaned her up, searched the floor for stray turds and lectured the Munchkin on:

1. not pooping in her pants and
2. poop etiquette. (You know, don't bring poop out of the bathroom and such)

What the heck? She has been in school for a week and a half and has wet her pants once already - she did it once all last year. Why are we moving backwards?

Regression? Does she need more attention? I've googled it, I know you aren't supposed to reprimand, some sites say reward, don't acknowledge the mishaps but I gotta tell ya, I'm frustrated and ready to get past this point. I've got 2 more coming up behind her, I should not be doing this with a 4 year old too.


Victoria said...

That's gotta be tough. Bean will once in awhile either let a few dribbles go, or, rarely, pee in her panties. I just chalk it up to poor judgment on her part: she's too busy doing what she wants to be doing and is either missing or choosing to ignore the signs that she needs to go pee. So far, I've been able to stay pretty Zen by just assuming that she's upset enough with herself, and that this is a more 'organic' lesson than having me nag her.

Until she poops 'em. Then I'll be challenged to find and keep my Zen.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Egads! I have another friend going through the same thing. I don't know what to say! YOU HAVE MY PRAYERS FOR A QUICK RESOLUTION. :)

Heather S. said...

Ava frequently gets distracted and wets her pants a little and then races to the bathroom. I also tire of saying are you wet or dry. It gets on my last nerve! A couple of weeks ago she pooped in her pants too. I was STUNNED because she has also been potty trained for a looong time and was poop trained way before we mastered the peeing thing. I guess with potty training, like everything else,we just sort of have ebbs and flows. Just think, we both have the pleasure of potty training 2 more children. Maybe we will have it mastered by then. I can only hope!