Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Mother Nature (god of rain)

On behalf of all Birminghamians we would like to thank you for the abundant amount of rain you have tortured blessed us with over the past week. I feel sure that we are well over our quota and above all averages for this time of year and will most likely be set for the next couple of decades months.

While we graciously accept this "gift" of rain, we would like to respectfully decline the opportunity for more. We're good. All set here.

My back yard, once so beautifully landscaped with new sod, could now host the next Mud Bowl Championship. My hair, frizzy on a good day, would like the opportunity to not be worn in a ponytail any longer.

Having a rule of not leaving the house in the rain with all 3 kids has made life quite difficult. We are running out of toilet paper and since we recycle our magazines there soon will be nothing left to wipe with.

My kids would really enjoy getting out to play in our once beautifully landscaped back yard rather than having to play out front on the driveway (between rain showers.) Our unsteady little twinlets continue to scrape their knees and hands due to lack of sure footedness.

Anything you can do to assist us in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a Mom!..?

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Michelle said...

I felt like that here in Baltimore by early June. I seemed like it rained for 3 months straight. Happy to report the rained has slowed. I hope the rain lets up your way too!