Monday, August 10, 2009

Toilet Bowls and Trash Cans.

Picture this:

One Mommy, trying to bathe 3 kiddos, foolishly at the same time.

Kiddo number one runs aimlessly about the house informing said Mommy that she is a Princess and will bath when she is good and ready, Mommy wrangles Kiddo number 2 and manages to get her naked while Kiddo number three has successfully dumped the entire contents of the bathroom trash can into the bathtub, already full of water.

Or picture this:

A young family, wanting to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel on a lazy Saturday Morning.

Family gets up, gets presentable and tells Kiddo number one to go potty before they leave. Kiddo number two, ever curious, crawls to the bathroom to watch older sister go tee-tee. It's far more exciting than watching Mommy brush her teeth. Older Sister jumps down to get toilet paper and Kiddo number two seizes the opportunity to plunge herself up to her elbows in not just toilet water, but freshly pee'd in toilet water. Mommy, with a mouth full of toothpaste, screams as best she could for husband to come and assist the situation, while yanking Kiddo number two from a disgusting, albeit sterile, romp in the toilet.

Or this:

"Young" Mom of three, three and under, is admitted to the nearest funny farm for loss of mental capacity at the age of 34.

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Michelle said...

Yikes sounds like big adventures at your house!