Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Only Child for a Day.

"Mary Kate" had her follow up ultrasound yesterday. All is well. We will go back in December for a couple more tests, one specifically to see if there is any reflux in her bladder. If at that time we are all clear, then we will be done with antibiotics and put on a maintenance plan, only having to check back in once a year or in case something acts up. We aren't totally out of the woods yet, but we are pretty darn close!

After her appointment, Husband and I decided to take the patient out for some Mexican food. My Mom was at the house with numbers 1 and 3 so it was like we only had one child and it felt strange. First of all, the staff at the Mexican restaurant didn't even recognize us without our herd. It was a pleasant lunch. I forgot what it was like to only care for one child. I know that when I had just the Munchkin it seemed like my head was going to explode because I was such a Rookie Mom, but now? Bring it, I say. I was able to carry on a conversation, about politics no less, while I finished my entire meal. I forgot how good food is when it's still warm!

I decided to exercise a little more of our freedom and run a few errands, again, why in the world was I so stressed when the Munchkin was little and I could carry her in, use only one cart, no extra stroller pulling behind or in front, no Preschooler running the opposite direction. Funny how your perspective changes.

"Mary Kate" was like the Belle of the Ball, getting all of the attention from me, from Husband, from strangers, this time because she's absolutely adorable, not because she's a twin. She didn't have to share her snacks and her sippy wasn't getting stolen every 5 seconds.

It made us realize how much of an effort we need to make to separate these girls a little more and give them some of the one-on-one attention they desperately need and deserve. It benefits them so much and you are really able to see more of their little personalities when you get them away from the other.

As much as we enjoyed our day of calm and ease, walking back into this zoo was crazy, normal and oddly my new sense of calm and ease.

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Michelle said...

Hubby and I spent a day alone with the girls this weekend and it was fabulous! Having 3 kids we try to do the one on one time thing about once a month but then 2 always get stuck together when it is not their turn. B was with his grandma and I spent the day with Wyn scrapbooking (her choice) and went on a long bike ride. Hubby spent the day with FiFi bowling and swimming. Lots of fun!