Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twilight in Hotlanta.

This past weekend was one that the girls and I had been planning for months on end. We left Birmingham Friday afternoon in a mad dash because we found out that Peter Facinelli would actually be there late in the day. We hauled ass through Atlanta traffic in rush hour with only one minor traffic scare that resulted in me grabbing Mommapeas' boob. This is how we knew it was going to be a great weekend.

We pulled into the hotel on 2 wheels and took off inside to get in line to meet PFach. We did not check in, we did not unload the car, we did not pass go - we had a one track mind.

As the line grew shorter and we got closer to the awesomeness that is PFach, we started getting nervous and RandomMommy decided she wanted us to all be in her picture, meanwhile Mommapeas was curled in the fetal position in the corner at the mere thought of being in the same room - let me just say, he does not disappoint. He is even better looking in person and his smile and eyes are amazing. He smells good and was soft and warm. He definietly was not afraid to get up close and personal with his fans. Me Likey!

We went out to dinner Friday night to place right next to the hotel - the only thing really good was the company, conversation and margaritas.

After that we hit an Irish Pub with a roof top bar. Met up with some other friends and had a great time drinking, dancing and being judgemental... Hey, if you wear a cow hat to a bar prepare to be judged.

Saturday morning we checked into a different hotel with an outdoor pool - all we wanted to do was lay out relax and get our drink on, and that we did. There was a chef there cooking lunch poolside, a bartender making and bringing us drinks. When we got ready to head out for the evening our driver was waiting to take us anywhere we wanted go.

Unfortunatley this is where our trip had to end - Husband called to tell me that "Mary Kate" was sick, and after multiple phone calls back and forth between us and the Dr's, they wanted her in the ER, that sent us summoning our driver to pick us up, packing up and heading home one night early. Nothing is more important than caring for the sick babies, not even a night out with the ladies or Twilight.

Luckily the hotel was easy on us and we were actually refunded and upgraded for a future stay.. I smell a road trip!

We didn't get to meet Kellen or Ashley since we were planning to do that on Sunday, but all in all I can't complain. To end up a short trip, it was packed full of fun and there are no other people in this world that I would have wanted to spend that time with.

Pictures coming soon!


Michelle said...

Sorry your trip was cut short. Is Mary Kate ok?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip, hope the little one is doing better.

By the way - I found your blog on The Moms Blogs under Alabama blogs - I'm in Birmingham as well! :-)

SouthernDogwoods said...

ENVIOUS! I am so sorry you had to leave early and I hope that your little one is feeling better!