Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Standard Issue Princess Gear

I'm not a girly -girl. I've always said that the day any little girls of mine wore bows bigger than their head, was the day I stab myself in the eye with an olive fork. In fact I swore I would never even have girls. I was convinced that no god would punish me in that way. I like football, and hate cheerleading. I always got along better with boys because girls tend to like cheerleading.

The drama, the petty girly shiz you grow up with in highschool, I hated it. Still do. Girls are girls no matter the age, they're mean and can wreck the self esteem of girls that are timid, shy or not so self assured. The thought that my girls would do this to another or be on the receiving end of this makes my head spin, but I know it's coming. I'm just doing everything I can to prepare her (and us) for those days. Including trying to teach her that beauty does not just come wrapped in a Princess uniform.

Here I am, I have 3 girls. Do the math. The odds of me having at least one girly girl are high and I'm pretty sure Munchkin is going to fill those shoes. This is not something that I have fostered. We tell her she is beautiful (as do all parents of little girls) but somehow that has spawned a Princess Obsession like no other. Every morning when she gets up, she puts on the same dress, do the math on that one too. I don't do laundry very often so dirty or not, she wears the same dress, day after day, after day.... Sometimes four or five days in a row. I know, gross right? I even came home from dinner and movie with the girls last night to find her sleeping in our bed, in her "Princess" dress (aka Old Navy Cotton summer dress) Some little Princess has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

This magic dress that she wears, makes her beautiful, she says. I love the imagination, but I hate that she already makes the conncection of these "things" making her beautiful. Are we just born this way, is it bred into us, do even the most Tom Boyish girls really want to be a beautiful princess? I don't ever remember going through this phase.

Every morning, in Rain Man fashion, she puts on "the" dress, her Hello Kitty necklace, a beaded bracelet, ruby slippers, pink hair bow to match her pink "Princess" dress, red hair bow to match her ruby slippers, her wand and her tiara. Every. Day. Without fail. The only thing that changes on a good day, is the dress, if I can manage to sneak it into the washer before she gets up. Even then, if she spots it during the middle of the day, she'll change.

This is our new routine and this is the little girl that goes shopping with me. You can spot us a mile away.
Isn't she beautiful?


Michelle said...

Too funny! I am a girly girl. I have one so-so girly girl who is mainly into sports, writing, etc. but my youngest would wear a dress everyday if she could!

Anna Banana's Mommy said...

While reading your post I had to stop and remind myself that I did not write it! I was too convinced I would not have a girl. I kept saying that I had no clue what to do with a girl should I have one! Girly girl was nowhere near my house growing up! I tend to get along better with the guys because they shoot you straight...girl friends in my past have just shot you! So, when the nurse said we were expecting a girl I was definitely in shock! LitlBit is a girly girl true to form. We have more princess dresses/crowns than I care to count. We are doing dance and love every minute of it. So, in the end I know I must have some girly somewhere in me or she never would have the cute little personality that she has!!!!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY laughed my head off while my youngest stood behind me going, "Oh Goshhh!" It's amazing what we will do and allow for our children. "F" use to put stickers on me and it wasn't until I came home from the store that I noticed the one she'd put in the middle of my forehead.
Much love to all,
Aunt J