Friday, July 31, 2009


And no, not the kind that makes you skinny, although we have a trip to the beach planned and I've been tempted... anyway, that's neither here nor there. We are having a yard sale tomorrow and I swear to you just about everything in this house that is not nailed down is outside in my garage awaiting the masses.

I always put a "No Earlybirds" line on my ads, I did this time, but I'm secretly hoping I have people arriving early to buy this shiz. I say shiz like I've got a bunch of junk to sell, but really it's some pretty good stuff. Carseats, strollers, furniture, baby toys, clothes, some of my *sniff* good shoes, *sniff* ones that my feet no longer fit into because of the pregnancy-makes-your-feet-fat-and-they- never-return-to-their-normal-size-syndrome *sniff.* Good stuff I say, good stuff. I'm not even pricing things, I have a few prices in mind for the bigger items, but I just want people to make me an offer.... I probably won't refuse.

So if you're in my hood' tomorrow, stop by and see us. I won't tell you where I live, just like I won't use real names on here. I know people can find me if they really want me, but why wrap it up and hand it to them in a pretty little bow? If you know us, you can find us. If you don't and you can, then I have bigger problems than I realized.


Anonymous said...

Oh no prices is a bad idea. Put something on it and put up a sign that says lets make a deal. Some people just will not ask the price. And if a lot of people show up at once no prices is a nightmare.

Alicia said...

So how did the yardsale turn out? Any early birds?