Friday, July 10, 2009

The Pool. I Miss It.

Up until last week we were hitting the pool a couple of times a week. My Mom is out of town and since "Mary Kate" had her surgery, I haven't felt right about leaving her or Ashley with anyone.

I would love nothing more than to pack them all up and go, but when we tried that a couple of weeks a go it was a complete disaster. Random Mommy bore witness to this fiasco and if it weren't for her, I might have one less child.

We got there, slathered everyone is copious amounts of sunscreen. Blew up the arm floaties, put on hats and thought it would be a good idea to start in the kiddie pool where they could stand along the edge, since they weren't really walking.

Bad idea.

They didn't want to stand, they wanted to move, only, did I mention that they couldn't walk at the time? They would turn around and instead of standing, they would just go face first into the water. They were such slippery little suckers from the sunscreen that when I would try to grab them, their little arms would slip right through my hands, and they would go face first back into the water.

After what felt like 8 hours of trying to figure out a way to make something work (we even tried the double float) they were so traumatized that we decided to take them out and put them back in the wagon for some snacks and try to re-set their memory.

After the break we headed over to the big pool, which thrilled the Munchkin who was growing bored of the 1ft deep baby pool. We put the twins in the zero entry part and after much coaxing they finally sat and splashed a bit - then we weren't totally miserable, until some kid, (not any of ours) shit in the pool and we had to pack everything up and head home.

All in all, it was a lesson learned. Twins + a Munchkin + a pool = Not again this summer.

"Mary Kate" eyeing the enemy..... The Baby Pool.

"Ashley" eyeing the other enemy.... Me!


Anonymous said...

The twins eyeing you and the pool? Love the looks on their faces.

Sorry it was a crappy day at the pool.

Crappy. HAHAHA.


Yeah. I know. I'm lame.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I love the reference to "the enemy ... the baby pool." That is classic. My kids feel the same way about it (3 boys -- 6, 5 and 1).

Michelle said...

Sorry! Hopefully you have some good air conditioning.