Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hush Yo' Mouth!

As you have read before I have been Craigslisting everything I can get my hands on around here in an attempt to de-clutter. I finally got around to selling off one of our baby swings and the Munchkin was none to pleased about my decision....

Munchkin: Mommy, why is that swing sitting here?

Because I'm going to sell it.

Munchkin: Why?

Because we don't need it anymore, I'm selling it to Ms J, she is having a baby and needs a swing.

Munchkin: I don't want you to sell the swing!

Why not?

Munchkin: if you sell the swing, what will our baby brother swing in?

Err.... What baby brother?

Munchkin: MY baby brother, the one that you are going to take out of your tummy when you go to the hospital.

Well honey, I'm not sure if we will be bringing anymore babies home, besides we don't have room for anymore babies in this house. We are out of bedrooms.

Munchkin: Well I think he can share my room. So tell Ms. J that we will need that swing back when we have our baby brother. She can use it until then.....

Way too logical to be 3... So hopeful and assuming that it's almost contagious.

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