Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busting at the Seams..

We bought this house 3 years ago this summer. We had one child, the Munchkin. She was 9 months old. We had plenty of room, we even had room to grow when we decided to add another child to our family. Note, I said child.

We have 3 bedrooms, a gracious playroom, a room that has served as an office that is about to become mine and the Munchkins craft/art room. (yes, we have that much art and craft stuff to warrant its own room.) We have a good amount of storage space but for some reason we are at full capacity. My closets are "enter at your own risk" zones. Our coat closet is packed, it's an "organized mess." In the kitchen, my cabinets are overflowing with bottles and sippy cups. Under the beds, I have neatly nested our luggage, and stored my purses and off season shoes in tidy little bins.

In the kitchen, in an effort to save space, we have been using the clip on high chairs that I absolutely love. Our kitchen table seats 4, so this was perfect for seating a family of 5... until the twins learned to channel their inner David Blaine, free themselves from the tightest of buckles and climb on top of the table. I decided to invest in another little booster which keeps them nice and snug at the table, only now we need a new table that will seat all of us, because the boosters attach to the chairs.

It's a never ending cycle, we try to rid ourselves of clutter and things we no longer need, only to replace it with something to fit our "slightly larger than we expected so soon" family....

If we had a bigger house, would we find things to fill it to the brim too? I'm not even a pack rat. I don't like clutter and I don't hoard, but outside of selling off a child, I'm not sure what else I can post on Craigslist or donate to charity.

Isn't there a reality show out there that can help me? Oh how I would love to have Ty come build me a new house. Move That Bus!!

I'm desperate!

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Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I think you somehow expand to fit whatever size house you're in. Since we have an eat-in kitchen, I turned our dining room into a playroom. However, it's only the size of a small dining room ... not the size they need. In other words, it's not the size of Jump Zone.

I donate bags and boxes of things to the Hannah Home or Exchange Club each and every month, but I STILL feel like we have more clutter (mostly toys) that is manageable in a house of our size. We have three boys (6,4 and 1), and I keep hoping that as they get older, maybe we'll have less "stuff." I have a feeling I'm mistaken. :)