Monday, June 29, 2009

Yes! I Know I Have My Hands Full.

3 Kids. That's it, just 3. Plenty of people in this city have way more than that. Is it because I'm the only moron willing to go out in public with the twins and the Munchkin, that I'm the subject of constant ogling. Is it like a Vampire coming out in the daylight? My kind are so rarely seen that it's fascinating to see us live, in living color? I like to get out, and having 3 kids does not stop me, it may slow me down but I don't stop. I don't fear malls, grocery stores or restaurants. Restaurants are getting more difficult, but I really like to eat out. It always sounds good in theory, in my head, before we get there. Once I'm there, I'm cursing myself and regretting every second of it while my food sits uneaten, and I'm frantically cleaning cheerios up off the floor to keep from leaving a 50% tip.

People constantly stare and stop me, of course to look at the twins and marvel at their cuteness. (Give me a break I'm their Mom, I'm biased.) They ask questions about them. They want to touch them, they give appropriate amounts of attention to the Munchkin for being a big helper and a great big sister. Basically I'm a spectacle. I constantly hear:

You really have your hands full.
I don't see how you do it.
You are so brave to manage all 3 at the (insert location)
Have you ever seen that lady from John and Kate......

And the list goes on...

So I thought I would set the record straight for all those that are wondering what the secret is.... I truly am a moron. I should sit my ass at home way more than I do. It stresses me out in ways I can't even explain, but I don't heed my own warning. That makes me a glutton for punishment. So please, if you see me in this frazzled state, do not compare me to the Fame Whore with the reverse mullet, just open the door and let me and my wide ass stroller through the door so I can get my little monkeys home before you are a witness to a meltdown of epic proportion... X2.


Michelle said...

I have 3 kids (older) but still kick myself everytime I try to take them on a weekly shopping trip. Dinner out is hit or miss for us. It is so expensvie with 5 people and hubby and I usually end up regretting taking the kids. It is a lot more enjoyable to wait for the sit down dinners when it is just the two of us.

I understand the need to get out though. I get stir crazy!

Burgh Baby said...

Heh. I would totally give the twins a look because I know how hard it is to function with one kid, and I'm in awe of y'all who still function with more. However, three is NOTHING compared to mullet-mom. That's a special brand of crazy that has nothing to do with the number of kids.

SouthernDogwoods said...

Amen! My husband has hilarious answers when asked thos annoying questions by strangers. I will have to share with you sometime!

Anonymous said...

The Fame Whore.

I am DYING at that. DYING!

:) :) :)

Amber B. said...

When will people realize that comparing a mom to Kate Gosselin is NOT a compliment??