Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thrift Envy.

I frequent blogs that talk about all of the whos-its and whats-its on how to double up on coupons, BOGO, combine them with extra care points, carry the one, add your first born child and Bam! Get a free car. I'm not that talented, and yes I consider it to be a talent to be able to put all of that into action. I just don't have it in me, not to mention it really does need to be a free car to entice me to haul all 3 kids around in this heat, to 5 different stores in order to take advantage of the deals that each store offers. I'm completely in awe if those that have mastered this talent.

I'm not by nature a bargain hunter and have to psych myself up just to rummage through the racks at a TJ Maxx or Consignment sale, but this past weekend was a different story completely, and I couldn't let the opportunity pass without bragging about the deals I walked away with.

My sister lives in Lexington, there is a Gap Distribution Center (reject center if you're a glass half empty kinda gal) about an hour from her. I had been looking forward to this trip for weeks and I was totally prepared to sift through hundreds of t-shirts, and jeans in order to find a good deal. I racked up for Munchkin, but not so much for the twins. Finding a good reject is hard enough without having to find 2 of the same thing, in the same size.

So, without further ado, my findings....

Boys Converse - $9.99 (I did a little shopping for my BFFs kids, couldn't help it)
Gap Socks - .25 a pair
Gap Jeans (Kids) - $6.99
Banana Republic T-shirt $4.99
These little dresses, $4.99 each

This one, $4.99, regular $34.50

$9.99 each, regular $54.99

A few more little odds and ends, some more dresses that were $4.99 and shorts for $6.99. All in all, I felt like a thrifty little shopper. Yay, me!

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Michelle said...

There is a Gap outlet near my new house and I found a bunch of great stuff last weekend. For $120 I got two pairs of capris for me, a dress, leggings, a shirt for FiFi, two shirts for Wyn, and a shirt and shorts for B. Not too bad :-)