Sunday, June 14, 2009


Master of Manipulation. I just learned that U2 will be in Atlanta. I missed them on their last tour through there and was hoping I would be able to catch them if they ever came close enough... Damn you Larry Langford, if you would just build us that Dome maybe we could lure these big acts to our city.... I digress, don't get me started and please don't send hate comments, I'm totally kidding!

So, U2. In Atlanta. Muse is opening (bonus.) Tuesday October 6. Munchkins birthday. As bad as I want to see them, I just can't bring myself to be gone on her birthday. I've tried to justify it in my mind, it's a Tuesday, her party will be on the weekend, we won't be gone the whole day... and no matter how I slice it, it just feels wrong. The only thing worse would be using her birthday money to pay for our tickets.

While we were eating dinner tonight, I came up with another plan. I have successfully talked her into wanting to go to the concert for her birthday. How exciting!! Her first concert ever! She is stoked, only I haven't started selling her on the fact that the price of tickets will cost more than a mortgage payment, meaning no Twilight themed birthday party. Baby steps, baby steps. I don't want to overwhelm her.

I see that this most likely is not going to work, anyone ever been to Norman Oklahoma? Tampa is probably nice in October...

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