Friday, June 19, 2009

I like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie....

Last night while getting showered and ready for dinner out with the ladies, I threw the Munchkin in the shower with me. When we were getting out the Munchkin said to me:

Mommy! Your heiny is huge!

Um, Munchkin it's not nice to tell people that they have a big heiny (where did this word come from, anyway? We don't say that.) Did you ever think it's because I'm so much bigger than you are?

No, it's huge this way (throws hands out wide) and it's huge this way (holds hands from top to bottom.)

Ok, thanks for the newsflash! You forgot pasty, flabby and looks like cottage cheese.

Nothing like a good ego check just before going out to a nice dinner where you will then feel compelled to order a piece of lettuce, a glass of water, and purge in the bathroom on the way out.


Kaitlin said...

Forget that piece of lettuce and have some chocolate. You can always blame the kiddies for any extra flab :)

Alicia said...

Totally understand! One time my daughter, husband and I were in Walmart and there was this very over weight woman. My daughters remark "Look Mom she is fat just like you!" I must say I wasnt that big but definitely can stand to lose a few pounds. I didnt eat nothing for the rest of the day! My hubby reminded me that kids say the "darndest" things but mean nothing by them:)

Anonymous said...

Thats strange, she told me yesterday I had a big bottom (OMA your bottom is real big) and I proceded to tell her that was not a nice thing to tell any body and she said well it is...Where does she get this stuff?