Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flippy Floppys.

I hate flip flops. I wear them almost daily and I hate them. Unless your legs are just naturally thin, long and shapely, they do you an injustice. If they have no lift, your legs look like stumps. It's a sad truth and I'm sorry to offend 99.99% of all females that read my blog. What a way to get new readers right? Insult them and tell them their legs look like stumps. Regardless, I where them. They are easy, usually cheap and I somehow end up with a ton of them. I really only wear them because it was always so hard to find something I truly liked that would go with skirts, shorts, pants or dresses.

A friend of mine wore some really cute shoes back in thespring and I fell in love with them. Imagine a croc mating with a clog and you get "Dance" by Dr Scholls. Yes, Dr Scholls. She said they were the most comfortable shoe ever, and I've been going back and forth for about 3 months on whether I should buy them. I could only find them on the internet, and after 2 pregnancies, buying shoes without trying them on is a risk.

Come to find out the "Fall Dance" are lined with fur on the inside, so stores weren't carrying them moving into spring and summer. Friend called earlier this week to tell me that a shoe store near our house now carries the summer version (a la no fur) and today, I bought the shoes. They truly are comfy, will go with everything and are so ugly they're cute... Best of all, one less pair of shoes that make my legs look like stumps!


Michelle said...

I love flip flops but I am almost 5'9" so I don't need the height.

Mama Couch said...

Where did you find them? I need all the height I can get. :)

Alicia said...

I need some major height. Where did you get them? Glad to hear you like them!

countryfriedmama said...

Miss D.'s teacher wears these a lot. They look very cute on stumps.