Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I love it! Perusing through Etsy and seeing all of the unique handmade items is a favorite nap time activity these days.

Recently I came across this lady that does really cool hand made jewelry. Her shop is Gypsy Wings. I picked up a really cool ring she made using a stone she found at LaPush beach on her trip to the Pacific North West. I also bought a couple of really beautiful prints that she took of the area, and gave them as gifts. She is in the process of moving right now and has her shop down until the move is complete, definitely need to check her out.

Of course I'm always on the look out for cute stuff for the girls and now having twins, putting an initial on their shirts really helps friends (and family) tell them apart. A friend of mine has her own shop with some super cute stuff for the kiddos, you can check her out at Butterflies and Rainbows. Great for buying local, handmade and affordable boutiquey type stuff, you should definitely check her out.

Are you an Etsy fan? Who else should I be shopping?

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D said...

I luuuuvvv Etsy!
You can find THE coolest things on there.