Saturday, May 09, 2009

Opinions, They're like.....

Well you know, and everyone has one.

It seems like lately I have been a magnet for unwanted advice about everything from friendships to the milk that I had in my cart at the grocery store. Who makes these people the "authority" and what makes them think I care to hear their thoughts on why my children should be wearing socks or shoes? As with most unsolicited advice, the "authorities" are operating without all of the information.. Such as, when we left the house we started out with 4 socks and 4 shoes? By the time we got out of the car we were down to 1 sock and 1 shoe on each twin, that's a total of 2 socks and 2 shoes missing, that combined with the 2 bows that have disappeared either in the depths of the car seat or down their throats, has put me in the red by about $20. So no, my children rarely have on socks or shoes, and people will have to continue to mistake them for boys because I'm tired of trying to keep up with the bows they pull out of each others hair.

As for the milk that I buy, seriously, a lady came up to me in the store the other day to see what brand of milk I was purchasing. When I looked at her as if she was in fact crazy for snooping though my cart, she asked if I was buying Barbers. I told her no, I buy Publix brand. In case you didn't notice that I have 3 gallons in my cart. Barbers is $2.00 more a gallon, x's 3 gallons a week is a savings of $6.. x's 52 weeks is $312 per year that I can save on milk alone. (If my math is correct.) Not to mention that Publix brand is free of rbST and if I can't always buy organic at $5.89 a gallon, at least I can feel good about the fact that I'm doing everything in my power to keep my girls from getting boobs when they're 5. The lady proceeded to inform me that we needed to support local companies and that she saw it on the news. There you have it... She saw it on the news and now she is a freaking expert on how I should spend my milk money.

I saw a Dr deliver a baby on TV, does that make me and OB/GYN? I can't deliver a baby anymore than I can give you advice on how to do it, even if I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Please, unless you want to try and dress my kids, budget my money, or know what I'm currently fighting with someone about, keep your advice to yourself. I will seek counsel from those that I know and trust, and crazy lady checking out my groceries does not qualify.


Anonymous said...

Amen! I've had crazy people talk to me about the milk or yogurt I buy or the vegetables I select. I can't always buy everything organic and I refuse to let myself be judged for that.

People are morons.


Anonymous said...

You should have asked her why she wasn't shopping in a local grocery store?

Michelle said...