Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old Barbies, New Stories.

The Munchkin has been pretty consumed with Barbie Dolls lately. Seems kind of early to me, but what do I know? I'm just happy she landed on Barbie and not the dreadful Bratz dolls.

My Sister and I spent most of our childhood playing with Barbies, we had a whole room in the house designated as the Barbie Mansion. Looking back on it now, the Barbie life we created for them was very similar to a Soap Opera or some type of reality show. Multiple Barbie families living under one roof in a ginormous mansion. Every day when General Hospital would come on, we would load our Barbie families into their Barbie convertibles and take them to the "drive in." And yes, my Mom allowed us to watch her "stories" with her, don't be judgy, I know a lot of girls that grew up watching with their Moms and Grandmothers. We turned out alright, for the most part.

I have been telling Munchkin stories about all of the Barbie paraphernalia I had growing up, and that one day we would go to Oma's house and get it down out of the attic. Well, last week that day came and I won't lie, I was excited to see some of my old stuff! My yellow Barbie Vette, that was at one time motorized. My beautiful Barbies and their beautiful clothes... I was giddy with anticipation and ready to get lost in the little world that Munchkin would create with these hand me downs... Only the passing years weren't so kind to these little nuggets of childhood bliss. When I opened the bag, heads rolled, literally. Limbs were scattered, hair was matted and some of the Ken dolls had developed some type of skin disease, causing their legs to be discolored and spotty. It sadly looked like a Barbie concentration camp. Time was not good to these dolls. My really cool Vette? Well. Not as cool as I remembered, especially not when you consider the souped up Escalades they offer now.

Munchkin on the other hand, was in Barbie heaven. We spent most of that afternoon rifling through the bag, making a pile to keep and a pile to toss. We even had a maybe stack so that if I came across a body and found a matching head, we could add them to the keep pile. I couldn't help but laugh at the somewhat gruesome site and just had to share a few pictures. Keep in mind, these are ancient artifacts and all nude, in my preservation efforts I have been trying to clean their clothes and their hair...Some of the keepers... if you look close enough you will notice the Michael Jackson doll there, looking oddly uncomfortable in a pile of naked women..My once incredibly cool motorized Corvette

Barbie Potty - Seemed so normal then, after talking with friends I see the oddity in this.

Computer, for Facebooking of course! And for the crafty Martha Stewart Barbie, a sewing machine.

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Anonymous said...

Uhhh... let me guess. Michael Jackson is the blonde one?! It's so late that I had to keep from laughing aloud at your Barbies. I still have your cousins's too and they don't look any better. One is a New Kid on the Block. (Danny, I think)
Aunt J