Thursday, May 28, 2009

My 2 Cents.

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, all you see is the drama surrounding the once loved Jon and Kate. If you are a blogger, you have probably blogged about it. I've seen numerous Tweets and Facebook statuses, and you can't stand in line at the grocery store without seeing them splashed all over every magazine on the stand.

I used to watch the show, mesmerized by her organizational skills and trying to pick up any little bit of information that might help me deal with my own (smaller) set of multiples and a single. For a little while I might have even admired her. My babies were born, I grew more confident in my handling of multiples and my parenting skills, it was about the time things on the show started to take a turn or maybe it's when I realized that, wow! They have some serious issues. I started watching less and less, the kids were cute, but listening her to berate and nag constantly became too much, you could tell it was no longer about documenting their lives and that it was becoming more about a business, and the kids seemed to be suffering.

I tried not to watch the season premiere but I'm a sucker for reality and was more than curious to see how they were going to iron this out on National television, so I tuned in. I'm torn between feeling sorry for them or feeling like they brought it on themselves. I think it's honestly a bit of both. I think they started out with good intentions and somehow along the way it became distorted. I feel like now, they are bringing it on themselves. It should be the responsibility of these parents to shut it down. You have your nice house, plenty of money to put your kids through school, your book deals and who knows what else. Put your family first, starting now.

Kate said a couple of things in this new episode that really made me think. First, if your kids are happy, healthy, loved and safe, that's all that matters. She answered to the love, that's it. They seem healthy, but in my ever so humble opinion, they don't seem happy (birthday party not included) and is it really safe to allow your life in the spotlight to continue when the paparazzi is following your every move and you feel the need to hire body guards? The second, parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate than others..... Hello? Shut it down! Work on your marriage, re-build your family. Eventually people will stop and leave you alone, eventually you will fade away. It may take a while, but it's a start.

Husband and I were talking last night, I made him promise not to run around with a young school teacher and if he did, to not get caught on camera. I promised not to treat him like he's my assistant or ever sleep with my bodyguard, should I ever need one. All of that aside, those aren't the real problems. It's all the things that happened before, the little things that led them down those paths. As crazy as it seems to say, you can never allow anything to come in front of your marriage, including your children. It's hard, so very hard to do 100% of the time, I don't think many of us have the capability, but we all should be able to recognize it and correct it.

Anyway, me = prattling.

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