Friday, May 22, 2009

Margaritas. They do a Mommy Good.

I have to say that this week will not be making my list of finer moments in parenting. I've been sick, the twins are teething (4 teeth a piece.) The Munchkin is out of school and more inquisitive than ever... Throw in a little PMS and you have the makings of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Patience is said to be a virtue and this week, I'm virtue-less. The whining has been incessant, the clinging, bra strap pulling, shoulders covered in snot, while answering a billion questions as to why, has been enough to make me contemplate banging my head against the wall. After a failed attempt at a sit down lunch yesterday, I felt the need to actually tell my mom not to worry, I wasn't going to drive off of a bridge on the way home.... Don't worry, I would never! Those that know me, know I'm kidding, but on the outside? I'm sure I've had that frazzled look all week that would make some people wonder.

I went out with the girls last night, we had a nice chat at bookclub about the most depressing book I have ever read, A Wolf At The Table, Augesten Burroughs. Let me add for the record that the subject matter of his book only made my week worse, because all I could think about was how I was screwing up my kids and wondering how long it would be before they wrote a memoir about their life with me.

After bookclub we went out for margaritas and live music. The rita's were great and went down way too easily. It was so great to get away and just be an adult in a place where I could barely even hear my own thoughts because the music was so loud. We laughed, we chair danced, we drunk facebooked and made fun of people.

Today, even hungover, I'm such a better parent than I have been all week. It sure is nice to have a little time to step away and gain a little perspective.

All hail the mighty power of a margarita and a girls night out.


Kim and John said...

One of these nights I'm going to have to drag my husband home so I can go out with you guys! Of course, it won't be the same without a margarita or three...sigh. Love your blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE fan of getting out and being me. A few drinks, some time with the girls and it helps me not want to wack people over the head with a watermelon.

Glad you had a good night. You deserve it!!