Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coldplay, Coldnight

Last night was the much anticipated return trip to Birmingham by one of my all time favorite bands, Coldplay. They came to the Amphitheater and it was cold, probably a record low for a May night in Alabama, but at least it wasn't raining. I saw them years ago at the concert hall, I wasn't really a fan, but Husband worked for the radio station or still had connections there, and we ended up with 2 last minute tickets, my Sister was a huge fan so I went with her. They put on one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen, I walked away from that concert converted.

We had tickets to see them while I was pregnant with Munchkin. Sister was on her way down from Kentucky when the show was cancelled due to *ahem* illness... Whatever. I was pissed at them, they never added us back on that tour, so 3 long years later, we finally got the chance to see them again, and again, they did not disappoint. They are true crowd pleasers and they are one of those bands that actually sounds as good (maybe even better) in concert than on their albums.

The highlight of the night for us was when Chris Martin (and band) decided to play to the cheap seats and literally walked 3 feet from us on the way to the stage that was set up maybe 15 feet away, they played 2 songs and we were in heaven. What we learned about Chris Martin during that time:

1. He's not as skinny as I thought he was and,
2. He wears whitey tighties.

We won't hold that against him, as we put it to a vote and decided he is still highly doable.

MommaPeas and I have also figured out that their song "Fix You" should be used in the next Twilight movie, New Moon. While we think it would have been a great pick for the ballet studio in Twilight, it would be equally good for New Moon, when Bella is running through the crowd in Italy, trying to get to Edward, can't you picture it? Chris Weitz if your reading, just a little something to think about...

Holy freaking crap, do you see how close we were?

Come back soon Coldplay, we'll be waiting.

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SouthernDogwoods said...

Great post! You blogged about 2 of my faves - Coldplay & the Twilight series. Now I am off to play "Fix You" to imagine it for the movie! Glad to find another Mom who is a Twilight fan!