Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another One Gets "Sucked" In....

On our little trip to Kentucky, somehow my Twilight DVD got packed in with Chicken Little, The Tale of Despereaux and the rest of our travel movies, this is what happens when a 3 year old is as obsessed as her Mommy. Knowing that my sister is a fan and was just finishing up Breaking Dawn, I figured we could have a little movie night since my Mom had not yet seen the movie, and neither had the Brother in Law.

I think Brother in Law enjoyed it about as much as he would have enjoyed sitting in a corner while people spit on him, but Mom? She was engrossed. If she asked me once she asked me a hundred times, "is he going to bite her now?" She cringed at the beheading and when it was over had so many questions. She was hooked and all I could say was "read the book." When we got back into to town, she walked away with my book, she finished it, and walked out yesterday with New Moon and Eclipse. I explained that you don't want to finish one without having the next one handy, especially moving into Eclipse.

So there we have it, Twilight claims another victim. Happy reading Oma!


ShelbyAnne said...

I'm 30 pages away from the end of New Moon and can't wait for the long weekend to get started on Eclipse!

When Fiance watched Twilight he looked about as excited as if he were eating boogers. But every woman I've met whose watched it LOVES IT!!!

SouthernDogwoods said...

Too funny! I agree - they definitely will suck you in. So has mom started reading them yet?