Monday, May 11, 2009

And The Nominees Are......

Me! Go figure!! I have no idea how this happened, I got notification over the weekend that Nickelodeon's Parents Picks website has nominated me for Best Local Blog in Birmingham. At first I thought it was like one of those Who's Who kind of things where EVERYONE in my highschool was nominated, but when I checked into it, it's just me and 3 others. So now I need your help, if you like me, which you must or you wouldn't keep coming back right? Then I need you to vote for me! Please? You can vote once a day, every day until July 15th and even if I don't win, it was an honor to be nominated... isn't that what you're supposed to say? Screw that! I want to win, so go vote.

Do It!

Click the logo and off you go!
For Local Blog
in Birmingham

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