Wednesday, April 01, 2009

When Should I Start to Worry?

I was up in the playroom playing dollhouse with Munchkin.. in our efforts to make the "play family" as close to our "real family" as possible, I had to buy an extra Mommy to get the "Munchkin," because the big set we bought only came with Mommy, Daddy and twins. We thought that might do irreversible damage to her psyche to leave her out of the play family, so now we have 2 Mommies in our play family and we pretend that this other "mommy" is actually the babysitter. We had a whole day at the zoo, while daddy was at work, when he came home we had dinner and then she put everyone to bed... Mommy, Daddy and Babysitter in the bed..... together. Daddy in the middle and Mommy and babysitter on either side. (she even used our actual sitters name, not Oma! That would have really freaked my freak.) This is totally weird, right?

Then she had this whole storyline ready for "play Munchkin" to get up in the middle of the night and come in their room. Of course all I could think was "Honey, if Mommy and Daddy had the babysitter in the bed with us, our door would certainly be locked..." But I digress... First the Babysitter took her back to her room, she came out again, then Daddy took her back, she came out a third time and Mommy took her back and locked her in her room. Why am I the one who locks the door and what does she think happens after the babysitter puts her to bed and we get home?

I must admit I was at a loss for words... I wanted to explain that the babysitter goes home to sleep, but really? Does it matter? Then I think it probably does matter because when this child goes to school with her active imagination and tells the teachers that we were all three in bed together I'm going to have more to worry about than her obsession with Twilight.

Here's a snapshot of our play family... What I really want to know is if Daddy gets a babysitter, where is my pool boy?


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Madie's Mom said...

I laughed out loud! You are so right about their active imaginations.

And...If I were you I would find out more information about the pool boy.

Annje said...

Yes, I think a pool boy would only be fair!