Saturday, April 11, 2009

Together, They Are One.

No babies were harmed in the writing of this post, before you go all Dr.Phil on my ass, please note that these are merely observations on the behavior patterns of these girls. Their emotional well being has not been altered as a result of these findings. Husband and I are hyper-aware of making sure that these babies are treated equally and not forcing one into a role or behavior pattern based on our own assumptions about their developing personalities.

Now, with that out of the way. It is so interesting to me to watch Mary Kate and Ashley evolve. While they are identical physically, their personalities are completely different, and they are starting to work together to get what they need as a whole. For instance, eating. Mary Kate has texture issues. If something is slimy or squishy, like peaches, she won't put it in her mouth, she will pick it up, and drop it, opting for a vegetable or something dry. Ashley loves her fruit, usually passing on all other foods just to eat her fruit. She's a good eater as long as I don't put fruit on her plate first. Today while they were eating their lunch I was cleaning the kitchen and watching them at work. Ashley would lean over and take the strawberries from Mary Kate who had pushed them off to the side. When Mary Kate figured this out, she reached over and took Ashley's peas. Like the yen to her yang... together they will clean their plates. When I put them on the floor to finish eating, clean up after themselves um..... play... while I finish cleaning the kitchen, I know that all of the food on the floor will disappear. Mary Kate will give Ashley the fruit that she finds, and vice versa with the veggies.

When they play and get into things, they use Ashely for the standing and reaching while Mary Kate has the temperament to handle tight spaces and work through getting stuck without getting frustrated.

It's really crazy the team that they make, it's also quite scary to think about what they have in store for me, if their minds are working like this at such a young age, can you imagine when they hit their teenage years, poor me and god bless the poor boys that cross their paths.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is confirmed, Your doomed! You've given birth to the twin female version of Stewie from "Family Guy" Good luck!