Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Put Away Your Valuables, I'm Addicted To Craigslist.

Now that the twins are mobile and too big for many of the pieces of baby equipment we have, I'm having a huge liquidation and getting it the hell out of my house. When we bought this house it had plenty of space for us and the Munchkin, and room for us to grow and have our 2.8 kids, only that extra 1.8 that we were allowing for came in a full 2.0. Which automatically put us in a space crunch. The babies alone aren't really the problem (I guess that's a good thing or they would be liquidated too) it's the massive amount of gear that you have to have for 2 babies (and a preschooler.) 2 of everything. Highchairs, bouncies, jumpers, exersaucers, you name it, there's 2 of them and they have been taking up space in our living area and kitchen for over a year, but no more I say! It's got to go!

I'm not a fan of ebay, I like to buy, but I hate to sale, mainly because of the shipping process and how I'm not really smart enough to allow enough for shipping and somehow always get screwed, plus having 3 kids makes it really difficult to go to the post office just to mail something. Get out the stroller, unload the babies maneuver through too small of spaces to get to the counter to be treated rudely by a lady that hates her job and therefore hates me.....So what's an ebay hater supposed to do with a massive amount of crap that needs to go? Craigslist Baby!! Nothing in this house is safe at the moment. I'm selling everything. Baby gear is a hot item and people will pay good money for this stuff. It's about what I could make if I consigned it, only I'm not paying a fee to do it. I missed the consignment season this Spring because the girls were just on the cusp of being done with everything, and I have no desire to have it sit here until the fall, everything must go!

What about another baby you ask? Well, if.....and it's a big IF.... we decide on another I think it will be time to upgrade everything anyway, if it were to be a boy, I would want boyish stuff. Let's face it, coming into this world with 3 older sisters would be hard enough without having to sit in a pink Bumbo, don't ya think?

So I'm out, gotta meet a lady about a Jumperoo!


Michelle said...

I love Craigslist too!

nancy said...

I to love craigslist. I however was not smart enough to do it before I moved so I had people move it to another house in another stae. now that we are talking of another and last child we have to start over and i don't care. plus who doesn't deserve their own jumperoo....

go craigslist

Anonymous said...

I heart Craig's List too! Sold a couple of things before, and once Tiny Man is a year old, like you, I'll be listing everything. Much better than the consignment sale where I'd pay them 30% to sell my stuff!

ShelbyAnne said...

Okay wait...are there people out there who DON'T love Craigslist?

If there are people who claim such an abomination, they have obviously never participated in the pure wonderment that is buying and selling for FREE (and with just a hint of creepy)!