Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Birthday, Earth Day...

We've been trying to teach the Munchkin a little bit about recycling and conserving water, the simple things we try to do around here to help lessen our carbon footprint. It's not a lot, but we do make a small effort.

Yesterday being Earth day I thought I would talk to the Munchkin about it and see if it was even on her radar. Our conversation went like this.

Hey Munchkin, do you know what today is?


It's Earth day.


No, EARTH day.

It's my Birthday?

No baby, EARTH day (have we never mentioned Earth to this child?) It's the day that we should do something good for our planet.

A planet?

Yes, Earth is a planet, just like Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter..... Earth is a planet, it's where we live. We live on a planet called Earth.

Well, Tooty lives in Birmingham.

Happy Earth Day!

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J said...

the entire concept of "Earth" has throw Tooty for an absolute loop. Our conversations about Earth, planets, space...have ended with my exasperated "nevermind". Good luck with that ;)