Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Love to Hate Relationship.

On the heels of Earthday I came across some information about Walmart that made me re-think them... just a little. WalMart usually has the cheapest prices around, and that's good in an economy like this. I personally don't shop there very often for several reasons, and I would like to say that it's mostly due to their lack of morals when it comes to their business practices or because they are forcing Mom and Pops out of business everywhere, but quite honestly it's because the one near me is so shiteous that stepping one foot in that store makes me want to bathe in a vat of Purell.

However, I came across this info courtesy of Skimbaco Lifestyle.

Are you ready for this? WalMart is a little green. Crazy. Right?

Did you know that Walmart..

… has hybrid delivery trucks?
… was the company who required washing detergent manufacturers to produce concentrated washing detergent? And now sells only concentrated liquid laundry detergent?
… collects rain water in some of their stores?
… has several stores that are run by wind or solar power and their goal is to use 100 percent renewable energy?

Just selling concentrated washing detergent is a large commitment & has a huge impact on our environment. In three years, Walmart expects to sell more than 800 million bottles of concentrated detergent. As a result, the anticipated savings are 400 million gallons of water, 95 million pounds of plastic resin and 125 million pounds of cardboard. And the good news is that when Walmart decided to do this - all of the other retailers followed, and concentrated detergent is now found in all stores, and the impact multiplied.

Now, this new found information does not make me want to fore go my Purell bath and run right out to my nearest WalMart for a bottle of detergent, but it will ease my conscience just a little knowing that even though I'm supporting death to Mom and Pops everywhere with my purchase, I am helping save the earth.


Anonymous said...

Walmart still sells powder detergent too, which is better for the environment, but not better for the new type washing machines. Where do all those(800 million) giant plastic bottles go? Now if Walmart were to start accepting them for recycling.... You need to do what we do. We drive right past the crappy store and right on over to the nicer one,(when we feel the need to go to Wal-China-mart anyway.

Katja said...

Thank you for linking to my post. Just a year ago I thought a lot like you about Walmart, but I have seen with my own eyes how much they have done.

Yes, there is still a lot to be done, but at least they are taking not just little steps but leaps into the right direction. Please come and leave your comment how you think Walmart can improve in my blog post - your comment will be read by Walmart.

I joined Walmart's Elevenmoms because I believe that way I could help to improve things - complaining how bad things are only gets you so far - but taking an action and trying to make it better from within works much better. One way of me doing this is collecting everyone's voices and opinions and delivering them to Walmart to read. Thank you for helping me to do it.

Anonymous said...

I applaud WalMart for taking steps to be "Greener". However I seriously doubt they did it to save the planet. They did it to save money and help their bottom line. Capitalism plain and simple.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Oh, I have no doubt in my mind that they were looking out for number one... I just like the fact that at least something good comes from it. :o)

Poodlehead said...

There ain't nothing wrong with capitalism. The public drives it.