Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie Theaters: Hazardous to your Mental Health.

I was just catching up on my blog roll when I ran across an entry over at It's a Wonderful Lie. She talks about feeling sorry for people eating out alone, something I have thought all my life until I had kids. I always thought they were eating out because they had no one to eat with, I never really grasped the thought that they were eating out alone because they had 3 kids at home. 

Along the same lines as eating out alone, is seeing a movie alone. This is something I have recently done all by myself and I have to tell you, it wasn't as relaxing as I was hoping it would be. 

It was a few months ago, Twilight (of course) was about half way through its run in the theater. I was out running errands, and Christmas shopping, my Mom had the girls and I thought, what the hell. I got to the theater, got my ticket, popcorn and coke and made my way back to the theater that just so happened to be in the absolute back, back, back of the building, the last theater before going out the emergency exit doors. I walked into the theater, it was completely empty. I was giddy with anticipation thinking I was going to have this whole theater to myself, this whole big screen with Edward and Wow!! I was happy. I picked a seat half way up, right in the middle and settled in. The previews had already started when a man came in, by himself. He sat somewhere behind me. My imagination started running wild. Only the pre-pubescent ticket window guy could possibly know it was just me and the "serial rapist" that had bought tickets to this showing, and I'm sure he couldn't possibly care, and would in no way remember what we looked like when the police came to inquire about me as a missing person... Who was I kidding, no one even knew I was there. I got my phone out and texted Random Mommy and Momma Peas to let them know where I was. I scouted the exits, dialed 911 on my phone and kept my finger on the send button. The movie had started, and all I could think about was this guy sitting somewhere behind me, I didn't know how close he was and I couldn't really hear any of his movements because the movie was so loud. Afraid that he would sneak up on me and put a solvent soaked rag in my face and drag me away, I leaned forward trying to use my peripheral vision to keep an eye out for any movements, but there weren't any. Dude was stealthy (or he wasn't really planning to attack me.) People that have heard this story have asked me why I didn't just leave and I actually thought they were insane, leave? Edward? Were they serious?  Finally 2 girls came in and I was able to relax. I think they had been in a different movie and only came in for a few minutes. After they left, creepy serial rapist dude left to go do something, probably soak his rag or call his buddies that were in on the kidnapping, or whatever. When he came back he sat below me near the exit. I was more relaxed, although I thought maybe he was trying a different tactic, like blocking me from leaving, but at least I was able to enjoy the rest of the movie, while keeping an eye on him. 

Obviously I made it out alive, and while I'm completely dedicated to my addiction, it will probably be a long time before I venture out to do that again on my own. Maybe eating out would have been a less stressful option.


ShelbyAnne said...

How interesting your experience was so different from mine. Although, I went to see a super girly movie, in a theater filled with other women, so I felt comfortable.

I tend to fall into feeling sorry for myself without realizing it, so I guess I spent most of the movie trying to feel empowered and happy about the experience (and enjoy the movie).

And I'm still weird about the eating alone thing. Like you I always think "they must not have anyone to eat with", instead of "maybe they WANT to eat alone!"

Thanks for reassuring me I'm not a crazy person, haha.

Michelle said...

I try not to get paraniod about stupid stuff but once your mind goes over it you can't seem to let it go.

I have never been to movie alone but used to enjoy eating alone during lunch break. It gave me time to breath.