Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mild Annoyances.

It's like the straw breaking the camels back. I can no longer contain the urge to rant about these few things I have noticed lately that just irritate me.

The weather... What the hell? We had these great spring days, sunny and warm. We were out and about playing and enjoying the nice spring weather. These last several days it has been either storming or freezing. We went to the zoo earlier this week and it was ridiculously cold and windy. I never know how to dress myself or the kids and we all have runny noses... again.

People waiting on my spot while I'm trying to load groceries..... Pay attention people. I have 3 kids, plus groceries to put into my car, waiting on me is not prudent. Not to mention the fact that I'm a rule follower, I always put my cart back in the designated area, if there isn't one, I will walk it back up to the store. Really? You choose me of all people to wait on?

While we are on the topic of groceries. When I'm in line, and paying for my stuff, do not get all up on my grill. It's my space until I pay, I would appreciate being able to step backwards without your Sunday ham ramming me in the ass.

Craigslisters who act like they are all super interested in my stuff, only to no-show or not respond after their initial email telling me they want the item... This usually happens after I have told 3 other people that it's taken. You people annoy me. I will come up with a name for you. 

The city that I live in has a recycling program. I consider myself fortunate as many places around here don't offer this service to residents. My beef with our program is that they give us 1 tiny little blue recycling bin. In our efforts to lessen our carbon footprint, we could easily fill up four of these each week, we recycle everything we can. I have to buy my own plastic storage bins for all of the extra, or rely on diaper boxes to keep from having to just trash the stuff that won't fit in our one designated bin... Come on city, work with us here. I'm not the only one with this problem. Drive through our neighborhood on recycling day and you will see makeshift bins on at least half of the yards. It gets expensive having to replace these when the city workers completely destroy them.

Politics. I'm so eff'ing tired of listening to everyone bitch and moan. Not just conservatives, everyone! I honestly don't even want to turn the television on anymore. The economy sucks, people hate Obama, people think Bush is to blame, companies are going bankrupt, companies need more bailout money, people are having parties. Pay your taxes and get over it already. It's not taxation without representation that you are protesting, it's an excuse to have an I hate Obama rally. We get it, people. We get it. I also think that everyone should read this article. It's spot on. (Thanks to Mommapeas for that link.)

Whew! It always feels good to purge.


Unknown said...

The other day while paying for my groceries a woman was standing behind me huffing and puffing.

I, of course, had a full cart. She was holding some crackers and Milk.

I looked at her, gave her a go to hell look, and took my precious time loading them back into my cart.

Candice said...

I also hate it when people wait on your parking spot while you are loading your groceries. If I notice this, I intentionally take my time unloading the groceries and putting the kids in the car!! Most of the time, they will drive away:-) I'm a rule follower too!!!

BTW, I don't watch the news anymore:-) In the mornings, I watch I Love Lucy and revert back in time. It wasn't any simpler back then but it was more relaxed. This morning Lucy was wearing the most beautiful dress, it was really simple but it was awesome. I thought about making one just like it but thought that if I wore it on a daily basis people would think that I was nuts:-)

Michelle said...

The Craigslist people are crazy! Before we moved it was non-stop calls and revolving door. I probably pissed a few people off but I sold stuff strictly first come first served no exceptions. Call me don't email and come get it in the next hour or so. Worked for me. If your price is low enough you usually get tons of calls so it works.

Michelle said...

Love your annoyance list and I completely agree (BTW/I absolutely love reading your blog).

Like Craigslist, the Freecycle group people do the same darn thing. They want your stuff until you tell all the other interested parties it is gone and then the original person disappears. Let me know if you come up a with a good name for them because I'd like to shout that one out!

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE follower of the put your cart back rule. I get beyond aggravated when I see others not doing that.

Someone waiting for my spot before I get my kid and groceries loaded? I be sure to take twice as long and once in my car, I will search for a perfect song to drive home to; get a piece of gum; adjust my mirrors; make a phone call and apply lip gloss. Seriously. Put down the Big Mac and park 50 feet further up the lot.

Don't EVEN get me started on people from Craigslist. I was selling a HUGE lot of Morgan's clothes from last Summer. I had four people that were interested, but this one woman promised she'd be here to pay and pick them up two Saturdays ago. She even CONFIRMED this with me via e-mail AND phone. I informed the others they clothes were sold. Wanna guess what happened?

Yeah. You're right.